the reaction of Dupraz after the dam torn by the Greens

Zapping But! Soccer club AS Saint-Etienne: Can we hope to see the executives stay?

Pascal Dupraz : “These are boys who don’t let go, who were in, who at one point straightened up and thought, like everyone else, that we were going to be able to hold on and then we fell back against teams stronger than us. Tonight, they went to dig deep within themselves. As a symbol, it is Romain Hamouma who prevents us from going directly to Ligue 2. We are in Ligue 1 and a half. We have two games left. to try to stay in Ligue 1. We were in Ligue 2 before the match, we were there for a good part of the match. Today, we are in Ligue 1 and a half. There will be two important matches against a good Auxerre team which is like us, in Ligue 1 and a half. One will fall back to Ligue 2 and the other will go up to Ligue 1. Here is the challenge for both teams.”

to summarize

While his team snatched the place of play-off this Saturday thanks to its draw on the lawn of FC Nantes (1-1), the coach of ASSE, Pascal Dupraz, spoke at the microphone of Amazon First Video.

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