The products that Apple should present this year

Alongside the iPhone 14 should notably land a new MacBook and three new Apple Watches.

Half of the year is fast approaching and it’s already time to take stock of what Apple has presented at the start of the year and the other products that have yet to be announced. Traditionally, the beginning of the year is more timid in announcements while Apple devotes two keynotes to the start of the school year for its main products. After the Mac Studio, the 3rd generation iPhone SE and the iPad Air M1, what other surprises does Apple have in store for us?

The first Apple Silicon Mac Pro

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This is the product for which there is no doubt: a new Mac Pro will be presented this year, and it will run with an Apple Silicon SoC. Recall Apple’s first keynote this year, when John Ternus, Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, explains that almost the entire Mac line runs on Apple Silicon, if not… the Mac Pro. “But that’s for another day,” he said, making it clear that a new model will follow this year.

With this new Mac Pro, Apple will complete its transition to Apple Silicon SoCs for good. Concretely, the machine should be much smaller than the current one, which dates from 2019. The size could thus be reduced by half. On the performance side, mention is made of a customizable processor with 20 or 40 processing cores (against 28 currently), 16 or 32 high-performance cores and 4 or 8 high-performance cores. The GPU could carry between 64 and 128 cores.

It is not known, however, whether it will be a boosted M1 Ultra chip, a new M2 chip or a new model of the M1. Still, it would be a sure machine, especially considering that Apple’s highest configuration currently offers 20 GPU cores on the Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra chip.

In terms of presentation, the WWDC on June 6 seems to be the best time for Apple to unveil its new Mac Pro.

An iPhone 14 finally freed from its notch

Every year, it is the product that is on everyone’s lips. Expected for the start of the 2022 school year, the new iPhone will unsurprisingly be one of the best-sellers of the end of the year, with widely awaited novelties. First of all, the range should be reviewed. Exit the unpopular iPhone mini and now place the iPhone Max. We would thus find an iPhone 14 and an iPhone 14 Pro of 6.1 inches as well as the iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max of 6.7 inches.

The difference between the basic models and the Pro seems to be more important than ever. Technological advances would then be reserved for professional models. On these, the notch should finally disappear in favor of a “pill” format punch. Apple would have found the technique to bring together Face ID, the camera and the TrueDepth in a very small hole which would measure less than 1cm. For their part, the iPhone 14 and 14 Max would retain the same design as the iPhone 13.

The new Apple 16 Bionic SoC would be for its part exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The less expensive models would remain under the A15 Bionic chip. Photo level, only the Pro models will have a new 48MP rear sensor and a front sensor finally capable of autofocusing.

As you will have understood, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will be identical to the current iPhone 13 and 13 mini.

Three models of Apple Watch

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It is probably on the side of the Apple Watch range that we can expect the most change. If it is certain that an 8 series will land at the start of the school year, many rumors point to 3 different models addressing three very specific customer profiles.

We will therefore find part of the Apple Watch Series 8. Very close to the current Series 7, this 8th generation should add new health features thanks to a body temperature sensor. If the goal is ultimately to alert a user when he has a fever, this should initially allow women to have an overview of their ovulation cycle. Finally, the detection of sleep apnea would be there, as well as a car accident detector.

The SE model, landed in 2020, could be renewed this year. Acting as Apple’s entry-level smartwatch at a relatively low price, the Apple Watch SE version 2022 hasn’t been talked about much yet. Some are reporting an improved chip and better battery life, but that’s not yet certain. No new functionality should also be part of it, except perhaps the ECG.

Finally, and this is where Apple would surprise its world, an “Extreme” model would be part of the party. Reserved for more dangerous sports, such as mountaineering, course, mountain biking or even motocross, this Apple Watch would be much more resistant to shocks. The case would even be, according to some insiders, “unbreakable”. However, this would be the only novelty of the product. We will have to wait for the start of the school year, namely September or October 2022, to find out for sure.

A redesigned iPad Pro

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The last time Apple upgraded its iPad Pro lineup was in 2021 with the introduction of the M1 chip and a mini-LED display on the 12.9-inch model. This year, Apple may decide to redesign its business tablet with the back of the glass case. This would then allow it to support wireless charging, but also reverse charging. That was Bloomberg announcing it. For its part, 9To5Mac rather announces a steel cover, but a larger Apple logo, in glass, allowing wireless charging.

Finally, it would be a question of a democratization of the mini-LED screen in favor of the 11-inch model. Question of release date, the WWDC seems to be the opportune moment, with perhaps an iPadOS dedicated to iPad Pro and closer to macOS.

A new 24″ iMac

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Remember in April 2021, in full containment, when Apple modified its iMac with ultra-colorful and, above all, ultra-thin 24-inch models. Immediately, Apple customers started speculating about a 27-inch model getting the same treatment. They will have quickly become disillusioned since at the presentation of the Mac Studio and the Studio Display screen, Apple withdrew the 27-inch model from sale, seeming to be definitively from the start.

According to many rumors, WWDC 2022 would be the perfect opportunity for Apple to allow its 24-inch iMac to take the SoC M2 course. It seems unlikely that there will be any further improvements, other than perhaps an improved camera.

A new version MacBook Air

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At the 24″ iMac stage, the new MacBook Air expected this year could come in many colors and become considerably slimmer. Most leakers agree on the subject and the fact that Apple has not renewed its ultra-portable since 2020 and that the design has been the same for many years makes the balance preferable in favor of a completely redesigned model. . To say it is highly anticipated is an understatement.

It should therefore be much thinner, offered in several colors but also find the good old MagSafe port. Two Thunderbolt 4 ports as well as a jack port would be provided. The screen could go from Retina LED to mini-LED. On the processor side, heading for an M2 SoC, which seems to be the most likely. Again, WWDC seems like the right time to announce the new MacBook Air.

AirPods Pro 2 get richer

The success of AirPods and AirPods Pro is no longer to be deleted, and Apple could continue to want to ride on their success by renewing the range of Pro models. After redesigned AirPods 3, professional models could finally pass the second. There is a lot of talk about a revised design, with the small rod totally abandoned and headphones that would fit discreetly into the ear. We are thinking, for example, of the Amazon Buds or the new Sony LinkBuds.

It is mainly on the functionality side that we expect more novelties. For the first time, the AirPods Pro could embed small sensors for health monitoring, fitness and creating user profiles.

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