The new eco – L’herbivoriste, the first 100% plant-based food bike in Dijon

Eating less fat reduces cardiovascular events. It is therefore a resolutely healthy cuisine to offer the Herbivorist by banishing all ingredients of animal origin and by making dishes from 100% vegetable products, homemade and according to the seasons. A diet adopted eight years ago by Flavie Poncet. It is with a pastry CAP in her pocket that she has just created her business after having matured the project for more than two years. And the beginnings are promising. Maintenance.

A dish prepared by Flavie Poncet from l’Herbivoriste
The Herbivorist

L’herbivoriste is the very first 100% plant-based food bike in Dijon. What do you offer for cooking?

It’s basically world cuisine. I draw a lot of inspiration from what is done in Asia, Africa and even European cuisine. I cook everything. I prepare my dishes the day before for the next day, which allows me to have time to do everything I need.

how long Since you have been created in this activity?

I started on May 10, so it’s only been a month. Before, I worked in fashion but it’s a job that no longer corresponded at all to my values. I’m vegan and I wanted to create work that makes sense and that is close to my personal values ​​so I had the idea to create this company. In addition, I am passionate about cooking, so it allows me to combine passion and values ​​in a new profession.

Remind us what “vegan” means which is sometimes confused with “vegetarian”.

Vegan is when you don’t eat any animal products. It is possible and everything becomes green. Meat can be replaced with anything dense and wheat gluten-based. or also legumes, so chickpeas, lentils, etc. Milk can easily be replaced by vegetable milk. And then, in terms of pastry, in terms of eggs, you can replace, for example, with mixed flax seeds or a whole bunch of other plant-based things.

How many different dishes do you offer?

There is a menu that changes weekly and changes with the seasons. There are two different dishes and two different desserts. Every week, I try to work locally as much as possible, and we’re 99% organic too.

And like the food trucks, do you set up in different places?

Yes that’s it. At the moment I have four pitches per week, from Tuesday to Friday. On Tuesdays, I set up near the Appart fitness in the Toison d’Or district, on Wednesdays in Suez rue René Char, on Thursdays at Carsat in Valmy and on Fridays in front of the Troc de l’île in Ahuy. And I’m looking for other locations. I would like to be able to settle down on Saturday mornings near the Dijon market.

So you offer guaranteed 100% meat-free cooking, did that appeal to the public?

Yes, it’s appealing, but above all because it’s also healthy cuisine and it’s an offer that my customers haven’t asked for in their neighborhood for lunch. I already have loyal customers who attribute themselves weekly. I have between ten and fifteen a day, it’s not bad to start. I am happy.

What price ranges do you offer?

Dishes are €9, desserts €3.50 and drinks €2.50. That’s a €14 formula.

Cookies made without any ingredients of animal origin
Cookies made without any ingredients of animal origin
the herbalist

Home lessons to learn how to cook 100% plant-based

Flavie Poncet does not lack enthusiasm and projects. Once the activity has stabilized, the young woman plans to hire to develop her business. She also wants to offer home cooking classes to learn how to make pastries or healthy dishes without any ingredients of animal origin. “Baking without eggs or cooking without meat is not necessarily easy for everyone”explains Flavie Poncet, ready to share her secrets and her values.

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