the “Look and Talk” function arrives on Nest Hub Max

At the Google I/O 2022 conference, several business executives pitched recent groundbreaking ideas for AI. New options are available that would be even more efficient and practical. This is the case of “Look and Talk”, which is one of the new improvements to Google Assistant.

Google Assistant AI “Look and Talk”: a new feature at a glance

“Hey Google!! ” It’s over. A single visual contact with the Nest Hub Max is now enough to express your requests. The company also introduced a shortcut method for lists of commands to use, Quick Phrases. This means that users can shout their commands without going through the famous “hey Google!” “. Google also explains the assistant role. As the name suggests, it is a digital assistant that facilitates hands-free navigation. “The ability to distinguish an intentional gaze from a mere fleeting glance requires six machine learning models that require over a hundred real-time cues,” says the vice president and general manager in charge of Google Assistant, Sissie Hsiao.

As we know, voice assistants are still effective, but not similar to a real chat. With the recent option, interactions between the intelligent personal assistant and its user become more fluid.

Google Assistant offers the new option towards a more natural chat.

At the Google I / O 2022 conference, the firm presented three improvements that make interactions more normal. The company plans to improve the functions even further.

The Nest Hub Max device with camera and microphone protects the user’s environment. Indeed, which means the orientation of his head, his gaze, the movements of his lips, etc. These signals are necessary for the helper to show up afterwards. Presumably, the assistant uses these signals to authenticate the user.

The assistant is able to interpret sentences even interspersed with pauses or exclamations. More clearly, the device understands conversations and recognizes language elements just like in real life. All thanks to the Tensor chip that Google developed.


Several functions are available in Google Assistant. With its payment system on online orders, helps school children get back to a morning routine, controls volume and programs smart lights in the foyer. A computer future where no more instructions to type, swipe, and now it’s the turn of the talk.

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