The king of smartphones is neither Apple nor Samsung but this company that you do not know

news material The king of smartphones is neither Apple nor Samsung but this company that you do not know

For seven consecutive quarters, Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek leads its category with 38% market share worldwide. The competition is led by Qualcomm, which always has its say.

When we think of chip manufacturers for smartphones, we usually think of Qualcomm, Apple or Samsung: MediaTek is not the one that first comes to mind. However, it is he who is positioned in first place in the world market, with 38% market share. This first position, MediaTek has held it for seven quarters, which proves that it is not a coincidence.

The competition far behind

The ranking of mobile chipmakers globally is completed by Qualcomm, which today holds 30% market share. It is followed by Apple with 15% in third place. Next come Unisoc (11%), Samsung (5%) then HiSilicon (1%).

The positions of Apple and Samsung are largely explained by the fact that these manufacturers produce chips that only equip their own devices.. And again, Samsung does not have all versions of its Exynos SoC devices: the Galaxy S22s sold outside of Europe are mostly delivered with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

MediaTek, for its part, has partnerships with many smartphone manufacturers : Motorola, OPPO, Vivo, realme are among the brands that equip their devices with SoC Dimensity or Helio.

The chipmaker also presented itself in the mid-range SoC market, where demand is very high: Dimensity 700 and Dimensity 900 series enjoy a good reputation in terms of performance, and displays an interesting price-performance ratio. Its more high-end processors, like the Size 9000enable MediaTek to further expand its presence in the mobile terminal market.

The king of smartphones is neither Apple nor Samsung but this company that you do not know

While MediaTek’s momentum is excellent around the world, it is also excellent in more targeted markets, such as the United States.. A report by the CounterPoint agency highlights that the Taiwanese manufacturer is now neck and neck with Qualcomm in this territory. The American, for its part, has experienced a spectacular fall in one year, going from 66% market share in the USA in April 2021 to 47% in April 2022. If we add to this the 45% market share of mediatek market, the competition doesn’t really have a say.

The Dimensity 1050 in sight

The speed of MediaTek should not weaken, in particular thanks to the upcoming arrival on the market of the Dimension 1050, its first SoC supporting millimeter 5G, also known as mmWave. It is the fastest version of the new generation of cellular network available today.

Engraved in 6 nm using TSMC technology, this new chip could well overshadow Qualcomm even more, a major rival of MediaTek. We should see it arrive in the smartphones of its partners from the third quarter of this year : it will then be a question of monitoring the evolution of the market shares of the Taiwanese manufacturer.

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