The JAMs explain themselves after a spot imagining the victory of Nupes

BAD BUZZ – The Young People’s video with Macron (JAM) only lasted a few hours. The supporters of the Head of State withdrew, this Wednesday, June 15, from social networks the controversial clip in which they imagine the victory of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) in the legislative elections and its supposed consequence, among others, on the staged character’s holiday plans in Marrakech.

It only lasts more than a minute at full, but the spot produced by JAM very quickly provoked reactions on social networks. The video begins with these words inscribed on a black background: “Sunday, June 19. 8 p.m. LFI wins the legislative elections and for the first time, an extremist party the majority in the National Assembly.

“A three-day weekend in Marrakech”

It then shows a young woman walking down the street and receiving several news media notifications on her phone about the leftist majority bills in this scenario. “I have booked a three-day weekend in Marrakech for October”, she sends, fortunately, before being informed in particular that the left-wing coalition has banned low-cost commercial flights outside Europe, effectively canceling his vacation.

This “worst case scenario” in the event of a victory for the left in the legislative elections was quickly mocked on social networks and the hashtag “Marrakesh” featured prominently on Twitter trends this Wednesday afternoon in France.

“Between Marrakech and your fake news, you have just forgotten the end of the world and the invasion of locusts, but it does not matter”, reacted the account of the Young insubordinates.

The rebel Manuel Bompard also reacted to the video of Emmanuel Macron’s supporters: “Can someone explain to Young People with Macron that Macron disobeys certain European rules and that he has never submitted a project? of law for that? Thank you for them because there they seem a bit like imbeciles.

Some of the Internet users, meanwhile, chose to mock the concerns of activists about their holidays in Morocco.

“We regret the diversion of the message”

Faced with the bad buzz, the Young people with Macron deleted the video explaining that the decision was awarded “in view of the messages of hatred which followed, in particular towards the activists in the image”. Regarding the subject of the video, they state that it was a call for a vote “staged certain measures that could be taken if the extremes came to power and imposed their program”. However, they did not return to the holidays in Marrakech,

The activists say they regret “the diversion of the main message: to call on voters to say no to extremes and to give a strong majority to the President of the Republic”.

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