the iPhone 2024 could finally offer a screen without notch or punch

We are probably already at that time of year when Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions about the future of Apple’s smartphones are multiplying. The analyst, who started posting some of his projections on Twitter a few months ago, returns to a tweet posted in early April.

In response to Ross Young, expert analyst in display technology, who announced a full screen panel for 2024 on the iPhone, Ming-Chi Kuo indicated that he joined this opinion. According to him, a Face ID camera under the screen would arrive in the iPhone 16, in 2024, when this transition would pose fewer technical problems and would serve more of a marketing ambition.

In a tweet published yesterday, he returns to this prediction and clarifies it.

“I think an iPhone with a true full screen will arrive in 2024.”he begins, before giving more details. “In 2024, high-end iPhones are expected to adopt an under-screen front camera in addition to an under-screen Face ID module. »

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Quite logically, he recalls that the “Low-light conditions will weigh heavily on the quality of the front camera, and the image processor and algorithms will be key to improvement” of the result obtained.

In other words, the sensor will receive less light since its lens will be masked by the slab. Apple will therefore have to find a way to capture as many photons as possible, and then improve the result through computational photography.

These are obviously the major challenges that make Apple should initially opt for a point for its front cameras. The giant would therefore have a little less than two years to solve this technical equation in a way that satisfies it.

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