The Google Developer Studio is “held” by members of a cult

The title of this article looks like the umpteenth slippage of a conspiratorial site, and yet… It is the venerable New York Times which reports the case: the Google Developer Studio is currently headed by Peter Lubbers, who would be none other than one of the members of the Community of Friends, or… a sect. But that’s not all since 11 other members of this section would in turn be infiltrated into the Google Developer Studio!

Peter Lubbers, the boss of the Google Developer Studio, would also be one of the members of the cult The Community of Friends

It might not be so bad in itself if the Community of Friends were made up of Tolkien fans or coffee powder lovers, but it is in fact a spiritualist movement founded in 1970 by a certain Robert Earl Burton. , who was notably accused of sexual abuse of several members of the sect! To make matters worse, each member of the Community of Friends must pay 10% of their income to the sect.

If the case begins to make a little faith it is also because in 2021, a former Google employee by the name of Kevin Lloyd claims he was kicked out of the company for speaking out against Friends Community members’ hold over the Google Developer Studio. Other Google employees have confirmed to the New York Times the veracity of the words of Kevin Loyd, who has since counterattacked in court on the grounds of unfair dismissal.

We also learn that the management of the Google Developer Studio would have taken advantage of the weakness of the hiring controls concerning subcontractors: in fact, all the members of the sect who work at Google today occupy a position of subcontractor. computer science. All of them are also from Oregon House, which is where the cult’s headquarters are located. Needless to say that these revelations (which date back several days) are intended to have the effect of a small earthquake, even if the very “liberal” American culture concerning sects could attenuate the impact.

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