The FTC may investigate how Apple and Google collect user data

Democratic senators Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden, Cory Bookeras well as the Republican Sara Jacobs are particularly upset against Apple and Googleand criticize the two giants for not having done enough to limit the tracking of the user with the “tracking identifier” (via applications or on sites).

The senators sent a letter to the powerful FTC for the latter to take over the file. It should be noted, however, that the alleged facts already seem to a large extent to belong to the past with regard to Apple, which the political representatives also disseminated in their missive:

“Until recently, Apple enabled this tracking ID by default and required consumers to dig into phone settings to disable it. Google still enables this tracking ID by default and until recently did not even provide consumers with an opt-out option” write the 4 senators “These identifiers have fueled the unregulated data broker market by paying for a single piece of device-related information that data brokers and their customers can use to link to other consumer data. »

The establishment of theApplication Tracking Transparency from iOS 15 and Safari’s anti-cookie tools don’t really put Apple and Google on the same level in the fight for data privacy, but after all, an intervention by the FTC could have the function of act as a booster shot.

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