The famous Apple smartphone cracks and radically lowers its price

Apple’s iPhones are tiny nuggets of cellphones and possibilities, right now the blue iPhone 13 at a low price at Rakuten at 817.77 euros instead of 908.95 euros. This 10% reduction will save you 91 euros on your purchase. You only have a few days left to take advantage of it and see the amount of your bill reduced. If you subscribe to Club R Everywhere you will receive 40 euros to be used later for other purchases on the site. No more time to waste if you want to take advantage of the promotion as long as it is available on the site. The repairability index of the phone meanwhile is quite good at 6 out of 10, which means you will find it easier to replace the faulty parts, repair it and extend its life.

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The Apple iPhone 13 is at a reduced price, take advantage of it!

This Apple iPhone 13 is only 817.77 euros on Rakuten with a 10% discount. Order it now and take advantage of its many advantages. Its Ceramic Shield glass makes it even more resistant to drops and shocks than before, so you can use it as usual with peace of mind. Its flat edges translate to its grip and allow you to use it with one hand easily. Its 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR screen will display all your life-size content with great fidelity to the original and vibrant colors. The all-new wide-angle camera can receive 47% more light, so all your shots are bright and sharp. With the cinematic mode, you breathe new life into your shooting and your videos become real masterpieces thanks to the automatic adjustment of the focus, the focus on the different characters and their appearances, the variation of depth fields.

The Apple iPhone 13 at a price of 817.77 euros instead of 908.95 euros on Rakuten

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