The end of Google Hangouts is for next November

Hangouts will join the Google product graveyard next November. The instant messaging application will be maintained by Google Chat. One more twist in the turbulent history of Google chat applications.

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If you’re still using Google Hangouts, be prepared to migrate to another service. Google’s chat application will be retiring next November, Google announced in a July 27 blog post. The web giant advises all users to switch now to Google Chat, the latest of the (countless) messaging services made in google.

Already deactivated for owners of Google Workspace (Google’s suite of tools for pros), Hangouts will be disconnected for individuals next November. Those using the app on mobile will start to see a message prompting them to switch to Google Chat; for Hangouts on the web, alert notifications will appear starting in July. Conversations on Hangouts should automatically migrate to Chat, says Google. As for users who want to take their data and go elsewhere, the company specifies that it is always possible to export their conversations using the Takeout tool.

If you are confused by this forced migration, Google has set up a help page that details how to make the transition from one service to another. To encourage Internet users to switch, Google has also announced the arrival of new features on its service and claimed to have “great ambitions for the future of Chat“.

Life and Death of Google Hangouts

Launched in 2013, Google Hangouts was meant to be Google’s all-in-one solution for your web chats. Integrated with Google, Android and even the late Google+, the service wanted to offer a single interface for all your chats.

Unfortunately, as Google knows so well, the service has been challenged by other products such as Google Meet, Google Allo and, therefore, Google Chat. Hangouts was then gradually abandoned to make way for yet another instant messaging application with an interchangeable name. For those who are interested, Ars Technica has compiled a complete history of the many messaging services launched by Google.

Hangouts will therefore soon join the graveyard of Google services, which currently has 267 applications and services.

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