“The educational potential of Internet tools is immense”

France must open up its education system to the realities of the digital world, an approach likely to make a lasting and positive change in the daily lives of teachers and students, in high school in particular. It is not only a question of guiding them towards the proper use of the Internet and digital tools, but of going further, of integrating these tools into the way of teaching, of creating this new pedagogy that Michel Serres has repeatedly called for his wishes. In this perspective, we can conceive of an evolution of the lecture course towards a two-step formula, derived from the model designed decades ago in American business schools.

Its principle is based on the prior involvement of the students in the subject of the course, so that the course itself becomes a moment of ordering and summarizing what the students have acquired by themselves. The classic pattern of the direct transmission of new knowledge by the teacher is then partly erased in favor of increased participation by each student. For them there is a progressive and stimulating appropriation of knowledge, and for the teacher, a new and rewarding in-depth experience.

All subjects – and in particular the exact sciences – are not susceptible to the application of this method, which rather concern areas such as Philosophy, Literature, History or Economics. Its pedagogical potential can be highlighted from an example, the (…)

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