The Cannes Film Festival will be watched on Brut and France Télévisions in 2022


For a long time, Canal+, main media partner since 1993, was at home at the Cannes Film Festival, recalls La Voix du Nord. An armada (up to 400 people!) descended on the Croisette during the fortnight. We remember the set of ” large newspaper in the open air, spiced up by the vagaries of live. And the daily climb of the steps with the three words torn from the stars by Laurent Weil. On the talk of ” Barnum Channel “.

Device also less pachydermic, in recent years. Not necessarily the type of glitter preferred by Vincent Bolloré, boss of the encrypted channel. This year, the tide has turned. The online media Brut and France Télévisions have two million euros on the table. And will cover the global event from Tuesday May 17 to Saturday May 28, 2022.

Television, social networks and “Fortnite”

The first, present in 100 countries, will water the whole world, targeting the 18-34 age group with adapted formats on social networks (TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat…). And even a game experience related to the universe

Public television is in tune. ”

Our mission is to bring this event to every home. And, through explanation and transmission, arouse the desire for cinema. Of all cinemas

“, indicates Manuel Alduy, director of cinema, digital and international fiction.

Shows and Movies

France Télévisions will therefore qualify en masse, on different channels and digital platforms. We will talk about cinema in It’s up to you », « Telematin », « It tonight », « The Great Bookstore », in newspapers, press conferences, photocalls…

Culturebox (channel 14) and Daphné Bürki become centerpieces: two hours of daily live broadcast from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. – with the red carpet! -, and also broadcasting of films stamped Cannes every evening. Feature films also in the evening on Thursdays on France 3, Fridays on France 5 and Sundays on France 2 (and many others on the platform such as
birth of octopuses
the first feature by Céline Sciamma).

“Cannes Festival” films from Sunday evening

You will be able to see
The good times
by Nicolas Bedos this Sunday evening May 15 on France 2.

This Tuesday, May 17, at 7 p.m., opening ceremony live on France 2, followed, after the newspaper, by the film
Sorry, we missed you
of Ken Loach and the documentary
Cannes: Palms, scandals and red carpet

Don’t miss
The Best Years of a Life
by Claude Lelouch (moving sequel to
A man and a woman
), on Sunday May 22 on France 2.

Finally, the uppercut
In war
with Vincent Lindon (president of the jury this year), Friday May 27 on France 5.

Happy holiday !

First broadcasts: still on Canal+

Even excluded from the premium coverage of the Cannes Film Festival, Canal+ remains the leading funder of cinema in France and still benefits from the first window of opportunity for TV broadcasting.

This is how this Monday, May 16, subscribers will be able to see
the very disturbing Palme d’or 2021.

will follow
drive my car
screenplay prize 2021.

And the following days:
Everything went well
flag day
The divide
BAC North
Julie (in 12 chapters),

Compartment 6,

A line and Anette


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