the brilliant double blade of the Brigade Loire to denounce the reception in Lyon

Zapping But! Soccer club Nantes: Newcastle, Marseille, Moïse Simon on the coast!

Last night, during OL – FC Nantes (3-2), there was almost as much spectacle in the stands as on the pitch. Unfortunately for the 200 Nantes residents present at Groupama Stadium, it was difficult to get a good view of the events, the visitor parking lot at the Décines stadium having the specificity of being rather badly placed (at the top, in the last ring, in the right corner of the Virage South).

Not lacking in humor, the Loire Brigade split a banner in two stages to denounce the reception conditions in Lyon. A double blade which has particularly had its effect: “What does it look like on the ground? From here we can’t see anything…”, he first wrote before the coup de grace: “Parking on the top floor, plexyglas, net… There was no more space on the roof ? »

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The banners of the Brigade Loire in Lyon

Not particularly appreciating the reception conditions of OL in its visitor park since the move to Décines, the Loire Brigade went there yesterday with its acid message during Lyon – Nantes. In two streamers, the BL killed the game.

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