The Breton cuisine of a chef from Plouider and a surgeon from Brest – Brest

“The idea for this book was born three years ago, while discussing with Nicolas Conraux after a meal at the restaurant. We discussed for a long time the importance for my obese patients of rediscovering the taste for eating well. Nicolas’ passion is contagious. I particularly like his blackberry tomato soup,” says Pierre de Wailly, digestive and bariatric surgeon at the Keraudren clinic in Brest. He co-signs with Nicolas Conraux, chef of the restaurant La Butte in Plouider, “My Breton cuisine”.

No more than one dessert plate per meal

The book declines recipes according to the seasons and also presents local producers. It will be offered to effective patients. When obese people take the step of opting for bariatric surgery, there is a long way to go before the operation, which takes place under laparoscopy, without opening the abdomen. After the surgery, the patient must adapt to his new stomach, reduced to the point of not being able to absorb more than the contents of a dessert plate per meal. ? “The objective is that patients, even if they eat little, eat everything correctly and keep the pleasure of the table? », assures Pierre de Wailly. ?

A chef in the operating room

Chef Nicolas Conraux chose the recipes and proofreading was provided by a dietician. The recipes are meant to be simple to make.

“Pierre de Wailly invited me to attend an operation and I thought it was brilliant. The work of the surgeon’s hands fascinated me. Our universes are very different, but we find ourselves in the precision of the gesture that is essential to us when we build our plates”, underlines Nicolas Conraux, who presents his favorite producers, such as Adrien Legris, oyster farmer, Élodie Joubert, who produces cheeses from ewes in Plouvien, or the beekeeper Pierre Simon in Plougastel-Daoulas. The recipes are also inspired by Shira Benarroch, a Parisian friend who told her some secrets about the benefits of fermentation.


“My Breton cuisine, gourmet and responsible”, Pierre de Wailly and Nicolas Conraux, published by Val de Grâce, price €29.90.

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