The big boss of the show is obliged to pay a fine!

Philippe Etchebest of nightmare in the kitchen is having a bad time in court. Discover the whole story!

Philippe Etchebest is a renowned chef in France. In addition, the field of French gastronomy is also recognized through these multiple performances on screen. It should be noted that the cook is also at the helm of several television programs on M6.

We are referring exactly to Top Chef, Objectif Top Chef, Nightmare in the kitchen and Nightmare at the hotel. Which makes him a very recognized personality in France! On June 27, he has just been mistreated by the courts. Why ? We explain to you!

Nightmare in the kitchen: The emblematic image of the program is in great demand for these performances!

Philippe Etchebest of nightmare in the kitchen has lived for several years from his passion in the kitchen. In other words, he made it his own job! Indeed, he currently works as a starred chef in the large restaurant “La Maison Nouvelle”. Moreover, many people appreciate his dishes and his service. What earned him his splendid professional career Nowadays !

Seeing its immense potential, the M6 ​​channel wanted to work with him in the production of several culinary programs. In addition, chef Etchebest saw his first days on television through the exciting daily show Top Chef. It should be noted that his place in this adventure was to be a jury for the events. Then he continued with the novelty nightmare in the kitchen!

So on, Philippe Etchebest started to pave the way to success and popularity on the small screen. In addition to a nightmare in the kitchen, there have been so many other occasions on which this chef from France has participated! For example, the Top Chef jury is still present in the nightmare reality show at the hotel. Since then, the chef has also become an advertising idol!

Nightmare in the kitchen: Apart from being a service provider at M6, Philippe Etchebest now continues with other extramural contracts from production. However, the chain still watches over this personal interest in these many cases because it is their best element! Hence the reason why the production house supported her in the face of this advertising conflict with the seafood brand!

Philippe Etchebest finds himself in trouble because of a broken contract!

The illustrious kitchen nightmare character has just recently embarked on an advertising contract very interesting. Which should earn him 129,000 euros once the agreement is over! Unfortunately, the brand that worked with him broke off their commitment quite early for unknown reasons! What a disappointment for the great chef of France!

Moreover, Philippe Etchebest of nightmare in the kitchen still cannot believe it. He often tries to analyze the situation to discover the root of the problem. That is, the mistakes he could have made and displeased those responsible for the caviar brand. So far, he still can’t make ends meet of this story!

According to this kitchen nightmare star, he only had a role for simple and banal things .This is how our capital colleagues related the facts: “The chef didn’t have much to do: pose for a photo with the product, develop four caviar-based recipes, participate in a few events and let Akitania put on his photo on the packaging and on the winding places »

What is the reason for this injustice? To support its best element of nightmare in the kitchen, M6 has taken legal action against those responsible for the caviar brand. By the ugly turn of chance, their complaint turned against them! Moreover, Philippe Etchebest must pay a fine of 8000 euros with justice, 7000 euros for the accused mark and 1000 euros for the authorities!

Nightmare in the kitchen: Will the reputation of Philippe Etchebest be marked by this incident?

Admittedly, it is clear that this unfortunate accident will not pass indifferent to the ears from everyone. For the good reason that this kitchen nightmare character is too famous in the country! In addition, many people love scoops, gossip and gossip!

Nightmare in the kitchen: Philippe Etchebest a great cook from France. We can only appreciate it for its excellent performances. To this end, it may be that this misunderstanding will gossip a lot for a while. Next, everyone will forget it as if it had never existed!

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