the authorities now give social networks 24 hours to remove any content that harms third parties

(Ecofin Agency) – In Africa, regulators are beginning to adjust texts to new offenses related to digital ecosystems. Despite everything, if the obvious, such as scams, are clearly targeted, certain practices that damage reputation on social networks go unpunished.

In Nigeria, authorities are now giving social media 24 hours a day to remove non-consensual content that exposes a person’s private part. According to the new code of practice for digital platforms, social networks have an obligation to remove the messages concerned at the request of the injured party. “When this content is intended to harass, discredit or intimidate a person”. The text specifies that the platforms contacted must acknowledge receipt of complaints from users or a competent government agency and then proceed to remove the offending content.

In recent years, phenomena such as the revenge porn or blackmail, on the basis of private photos, have created many controversies on social networks. The situation has also affected public figures and caused much ink to flow in the Nigerian entertainment sector.

Nigerian authorities have also asked social networks to be proactive about content that could shock or clearly violate the law. The most recent example of this genre remains the live broadcast on the Twitch social network of the Buffalo massacre in the United States.

In Nigeria, Biafran separatists recently managed to livestream a lot of hate speech on Facebook. They escaped the moderation of the content of the social network by feeding in local languages.

Servan Ahougnon


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