The Apple Watch 7 arrives refurbished on the Apple US site

On the online Apple Store, refurbished products are very successful, these are devices that are refurbished with several guarantees that allow you to have peace of mind when ordering. If the “refurbished” category on the Apple site focuses mainly on the most reserved devices such as Macs and iPhones, there is also an openness to more accessible products of the type: the Apple Watch!

The Apple Watch Series 7 arrives refurbished on the online Apple Store in the United States

Good news for American customers, it is now possible to have beautiful discounts on the Apple Watch Series 7. To do this, it is not necessary to go through the classic ordering process via the “Apple Watch” section of the site, but from the category “Renovated”the page that brings together all the good deals on refurbished Apples.

As usual on refurbished products, the choice is extremely limitbecause the provision is made according to customer feedback following dissatisfaction for example.
The US Apple Store only offers Apple Watch Series 7 Aluminum GPS Refurbished with some matching sport strap options.

refurbished apple watch series 7

The reductions are not huge, they revolve around the $50 to $70which is still attractive for consumers on a tight budget.
In general, refurbished products are essentially old generation devices, models that were launched 2-3 years ago or more.
This time, Apple prefers to take the risk of selling Apple Watches available since September 2021, this strategy can be explained by the absence of interesting promotions at resellers regarding the Apple Watch Series 7. Whether in the United States or internationally, resellers have no reason to sell off the price of the Series 7 as it is a great success !

Aircraft made available for reconditioning mainly include retractions new purchases or even repairs. The advantage of ordering refurbished products from the Apple Store online is also the chance to find solid commitments. You have the assurance that the product has been tested (in its entirety) and cleaned up in depth. The operating system is often updated manually and the products are repackaged in a brand new box with new cables and accessories.
We can say it… It’s reconditioning very high end ! To add the icing on the cake, Apple is also offering customers a one-year warranty with free shipping and returns. Hard to beat.

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