the Apple TV + series has found its director at Marvel

The first Apple TV+ series directly linked to the MonsterVerse, on the legendary Godzillacontinues to unfold with a director drafted from Marvel.

After the exit parasitized by the Covid-19 pandemic from Godzilla vs. Kong, the future of the MonsterVerse continues to take shape slowly but surely. And as the extension of the universe in cinema begins to unfold with a first actor who recently joined the cast of Godzilla vs. Kong 2this same Godzilla is getting a series on Apple TV+ – like the MCU which extended on Disney+ and the DCEU on HBO Max.

If this first serial foray into the universe with the big beasts has not yet revealed its title, it has been announced that its scenario will follow the adventures of a family who will explore their heritage in connection with the mysterious government agency Monarch, which has appeared from Godzilla in 2014. While waiting to discover a little more about the plot, Variety just recently revealed the name of a director working on the project, Matt Shakman.

After ransacking cinemas, Godzilla lands on the small screen

A not uninteresting choice on the part of the Legendary Television studio – which is in charge of the production of this series Godzilla – since this dear Matt Shakman has already rubbed shoulders with the adaptation of a film creation in a television format with the production of the entirety of Wanda Vision. In addition to his marvels, the director has also been behind the camera for episodes of house, Revenge, The good wife and philadelphia cream.

Last year, it was announced that the director would also have to make a feature film in the universe star trek, disconnected from the three films released lately. The guy will direct the first two episodes of the series Godzillawhile working as an executive producer – as was the case on Wanda Vision.

WandaVision: photo, Elizabeth OlsenAfter the red witch, the big green beast

As a reminder, this series is created by Chris Black (screenwriter on Star Trek: Enterprise, Pariah and Invincible) and Matt Fraction (author of the comics The Immortal Iron Fist and Weird X-Men). It remains to be seen what turn this project will take, the series seeming to be more human-oriented than the four big blockbusters made so far.

As a reminder, Netflix should also go tickle the huge beast since after the anime Godzilla: Origin of Invasionanother animation series, excluding MonsterVerse, would be in preparation on the side of the N red platform, this time on Kong and Skull Island.


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