The Allan Saint-Maximin controversy embarrasses Newcastle

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“The day I have a player capable of finishing actions, I will make seasons with 10-15 assists, and I will change dimensions in people’s heads.” This short sentence, taken from the interview with Allan Saint-Maximin (25 years old) at So walk, published this Thursday, is making waves in England, where it interprets as an offensive criticism of its current attacking partners in Newcastle. Fearing that the affair would grow, the French striker even went to see his manager Eddie Howe to explain himself on Thursday, which the latter confirmed a few minutes ago at a press conference.

“I saw the quotes, I spoke with Allan. I think I should clarify that Allan’s quotes didn’t go over as he intended. He was worried yesterday. We spoke and in no way did he cause any harm to the team and the unit that we have built., dropped the English technician. Although somewhat upset, the Magpies coach supported his Frenchy. “Of course he said things in an interview, but, like I said, it wasn’t in the context he wanted, even though it happened”he continued, specifying that he was going to speak in front of the group to clear up the situation as quickly as possible.

Public apologies

“We will speak with the team and make sure there is no deposit, because unity has been our strength. It is vitally important that we keep it at all costs.” Sign that the subject is really sensitive, the former Stéphanois and Monegasque published a message on his social networks to clarify the substance of his thought. “The interview I gave to So Foot was taken out of context and shortened on Twitter. I never said anything negative about my partners”he tweeted before adding.

“I simply said, as any Newcastle fan could have done, that I was looking forward to having an even better team so that we could progress collectively and logically that should also make me progress individually.” Will this controversy have consequences for Newcastle and its No. 10, who have already ensured their maintenance in the Premier League after an extremely sluggish start to the season? The question is asked. First elements of response this Sunday during the trip to the lawn of Manchester City.

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