the 5 important novelties of the browser on iPhone and iPad

Big update for Chrome on iPhone and iPad! Google has introduced new functions that we already knew on other platforms.

Google has released version 103 of its mobile browser. This update brings five additional new features to Chromium on iPhone and iPad. Google may have woken up to Apple’s reputation for security, most critical changes are to credentials anti malwarebut they encompass everything from translation to password autofill.

5 relatively essential novelties

First, Google brought up Enhanced Safe Browsing. It’s a Chrome feature designed to thwart malware and phishing attacks, it arrives for the first time on iOS. This will alert iPhone users to dangerous web pages and notify them if the credentials entered have been compromised in a data breach.

Another novelty, you can define Google Password Manager as autofill provider for creating and entering usernames and passwords. Google says it now also works for logins to other iOS apps. You must then configure Google as the default system for managing passwords.

Another handy change is that you can browse websites in the language of your choice with on-device machine learning-powered translation. The browser detects the language and applies the translation if necessary, it makes your web browsing more convenient.

Finally, the new Chrome actions modify the execution of tasks from the address bar. From now on, if you then perform an action like clearing your browsing history, opening an incognito tab, or setting Chrome as your default browser, just type it into the address bar. Chrome actions let you spend less time in menus and more time browsing. If you are used to using Chrome on macOS, Windows or Linux… it’s exactly the same!

The Chrome 103 update is available on the App Store, just update the app.

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