The 2022 vintage of the Apple Watch would have three models, including a very sporty one

Fall will be busy for the Apple Watch family. These are no less than three new models that the manufacturer should unveil, according to Mark Gurman in his newsletter, which is not a scoop, it’s been a while since the rumor provides three ranges for this year.

Apple Watch Series 7.

The engine of the Apple Watch Series 8 would be a packaged system S8, which would have the same characteristics as the SIP S7 of Series 7… which itself is roughly the same as the S6 of Series 6. In short, on this side not much change to expect. Gurman even predicts that the 2023 Series 9 would be entitled to a brand new chip.

The Apple Watch SE would benefit from a refresh, not so much in the size of the screen (we would remain on a chassis similar to the current model), on the other hand the watch would be entitled to the SIP S8 instead of the S5. Which perhaps opens up the possibility of an always-on display? This function integrated with the Series 5, however, needs more than a new chip, it needs a suitable screen.

Apple would not, however, have finished with the Apple Watch SE produced in 2020: it would remain in the catalog, taking over the entry-level role that the Series 3, which is incompatible with watchOS 9, will give up. Which means that it could cost less expensive (the Series 3, which Apple inexplicably continues to sell, starts at €219, compared to €299 for the SE).

A well-protected Apple Watch with Spigen’s Armor Pro case and band.

Finally, there would be a “robust” model, ie adapted to extreme sportsmen with a design designed for durability and, it seems, better autonomy. The new tracking functions of watchOS 9 indeed hint at such a pattern. Gurman finally indicates that the new low consumption mode would be intended for these new models.

watchOS 9: the Apple Watch is finally back to sport!

watchOS 9: the Apple Watch is finally back to sport!


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