That’s it: Google converts to the “refuse all” button for cookies

Google confirms that its cookie consent banners will be updated to include a “decline all” button.

It will no longer be necessary to navigate between various sub-sections to tell Google that you want to refuse all cookies: in the future, there will be a dedicated button that will be present on the consent banners, and in a visible way . The Mountain View firm confirmed this development in a press release published on April 21, 2022 on its blog.

We already knew for a few days that the American company was going to take this turn. On April 8, the Euractiv site learned that the web giant had told the personal data regulator in Hamburg, Germany, that a general cookie rejection button was on the way and would soon be included in its website banner. information.

The new cookie information insert. // Source: Screenshot

YouTube in France has already taken the step of the “refuse all” button

The deployment of this new information insert has already been underway in France, on the YouTube domain, since last week, Google France told Numerama. This display must be generalized to the entire ecosystem of American society, for Internet users in France, but also for those who are in Europe.

Google suggests that this development is the result of ” conversation with data protection authorities — such as the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) in France. These exchanges undoubtedly played a role. But the successive condemnations of Google (twice, in 2020 and in 2022) too, even if the company eludes.

Google France believes that this new consent banner “ meets new requirements “, in particular following the interventions of the Cnil – through its sanctions, but also the framework that the institution seeks to forger, with the guiding principle that the refusal of cookies must be as simple as their approval.

It’s a ” Major overhaul of how cookies work on our sites “Judges the company in this respect, even if the addition of a global refusal button was quite within its reach. It is true, however, that for a company that is very dependent on cookies and the monitoring of Internet users, it is a step that is taken with reluctance – evidenced by the previous sanctions.

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