Tharon-Plage: the Alplaya succeeds the Belem and offers cuisine between the sea and the mountains

New restaurant in Tharon, L’Alplaya offers traditional cuisine and Savoyard specialities. ©Le Courrier du pays de Retz

The iconic Gourmet restaurant Le Belemat the heart of the life of Tharon Beach for 33 years, has just welcomed new owners. The enthusiasm of Sandrine and William Weber, accompanied by their two little girls aged 9 and 5, and very soon an unborn little boy, should please the family clientele.

Love in La Plagne

Their career paths did not predispose them to catering. A carpenter by training, William left Metz to live in La Plage, where he went on vacation with his parents. He wanted to become a ski instructor and renovate apartments in the off-season. Eventually, he will not become a monitor, but will find his first job in catering as a waiter.

As for Sandrine, originally from Angers, she wanted to become a midwife. “Unfortunately, after two years of medicine, my classification limited by the numerus clausus made entering school impossible. I took a sabbatical year, before reorienting myself towards nursing competitions. I decided to do a winter season in La Plagne and I fell in love with Will! »

A first business in Savoie

After having worked in the same establishment for three years as employees, they bought the restaurant which they then held for 7 and a half years. The couple decided to sell in December 2021 to take the direction of the seaside.

“We wanted to find a much more stable rhythm. Life in a resort at an altitude of 2000 meters remains special, far from all shops, medical care, sports complexes, colleges and high schools and access to non-existent property. 2 years ago, we started prospecting all along the Loire-Atlantique coast. The country of Retz, for its very family side, seemed to us corresponding”.

Sandrine and William Weber

Seafood and Savoyard specialties

The couple finally came across the Belem. “This establishment ticked all the boxes. The basic idea was to make a mix between the sea side and the Savoyard side”. Hence the name of The Alplayamix between Alps and playa (the beach).

Sandrine and William offer traditional cuisine made with fresh, homemade products. “It is our wish to work locally with sea ​​products (oysters from La Bernerie, mussels from La Plaine), but also ice cream from Moutiers, beer from Pornic…, while adding to our menu Savoyard specialtiesespecially in winter.

Restaurant L’Alplaya, 56 avenue de la Convention in Tharon-plage. Open Tuesday to Sunday, noon and evening, in July/August. Out of season: Tuesday to Sunday lunchtime and Thursday to Saturday evening.

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