Thanks to a great Tchouamni, Monaco overtakes OM! – Debrief and NOTES of the players (Lille 1-2 Monaco) – Football

Author of a double, Tchouamni offered the victory Monaco on the lawn of Lille (2-1), this Friday, at the start of the 36th day of Ligue 1. The club of the Principality doubles Rennes and Marseille to temporarily climb the 2nd position in the ranking.

Tchouamni scored a double Lille

Fourth at kick-off, Monaco had to take advantage of this trip to the lawn of a Lille team, which had not played anything, to put pressure on Marseille and Rennes. It’s done, since ASM won 2-1 this Friday, at the start of the 36th day of Ligue 1, and temporarily occupies 2nd place in the standings (thanks to a better goal difference than OM) before the matches of its competitors.

Chambered by their supporters, who launched ol on each opposing pass during the first minutes, the Lille nevertheless made an interesting start to the match. But the Dogues did not materialize their good first twenty minutes, the attempts of David (7th), Gudmundsson (9th, 19th) and Weah (12th) not really worrying Nbel in his cage.

Chuamni, Act I

Opposite, Philippe Clément’s men did not show much on the lawn of the Pierre-Mauroy stadium. The fault is a lack of rhythm in the game and of inspiration when approaching the opposing surface. But the light came from Tchouamni. Author of the only two dangerous opportunities for ASM before his goal, the midfielder gave his team the advantage with a shot from the left between the surface (0-1, 42nd).

Upon returning from the locker room, the match fell into a false rhythm. There was not much to get your teeth into and you had to wait until the 69th minute to see the match wake up on the equalizer from Gomes, who eliminated Maripan before beating Nbel with a roll from the right (1- 1, 69e). This but gave a little voice to the Lille public who watched in the crowd Zhegrova’s shot stopped by Nbel (71st) then that of Celik who passed near the post (72nd).

Chuamni, Act II

This galization could have made Monaco gamberger, but Tchouamni, again, gave his people the advantage with a terrible strike from the right from 30 meters (1-2, 75th). What a cannonball! Behind, LOSC tried to react at the end of the match but Nbel was still vigilant in front of Zhegrova (85th) in order to preserve three very precious points for Monaco. Without shining in the game, the Mongasques did the job. For LOSC, this end of the season promises to be really painful…

Match score: 5/10

In a sulky Pierre-Mauroy stadium, the match struggled to take off. The first period with very little animation until the goal of Tchouamni. The second act was disappointing for a long time, but Gomes’ equalizer and Tchouamni’s terrible strike revealed the Lille public a little. In short, the three buts come to save a very average match.

The goals :

– Vanderson fights on the right side to recover the ball from Djalo’s feet and gives Ben Yedder. The Mongasque striker comes to fix the Lille defense at the right corner of the surface and scales in the axis towards Tchouamni, who fixes André and scores with a low left shot (0-1, 42nd).

– On a long ball from Botman, Bamba shifts to the left side before returning to Gomes. The Lille striker infiltrates the area, eliminates Maripan and scores with a curled shot from the right (1-1, 69th).

– Served nearly 30 meters, slightly off-center left, Tchouamni arms a powerful shot from the right which comes to lodge between Jardim and his right post (1-2, 75th).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot assigned a commented note (out of 10) to each player.

Man of the match: Aurélien Tchouamni (8.5/10)

The AS Monaco midfielder simply died on screen. In full confidence, as proved by his center in a scarf shot, the tricolor international at decisive for ASM. After a side header from a corner (26th) then a shot over (31st), he did not miss the target to open the score with a shot from the left at the entrance to the area (42nd). In the second half, he restored the advantage to his team with an overpowered strike from 30 meters (75th). Besides his double, he is precise in the game and very good defensively. A full game!


Lo Jardim (4): a frustrating match for the Lille goalkeeper. While he had no stoppage in the first period, the Brazilian bowed on the first strike Mongas frame signed Tchouamni (42nd). In the second half, he was still pierced by the missile from the Mongasque environment (75th).

Mehmet elik (4): the right side of LOSC had a bad evening. The Turk was in difficulty defensively and showed himself to be very skilful in the game since he very often lost the ball on his climbs in his lane.

Tiago Djal (3): holder in the left lane, the Lille defender did not have an easy evening. While he had started his match rather well, the Portuguese led his team before the break with an unnecessary loss of the ball which led to the opening of the Mongasque score (42nd). Replaces the 87th by Domagoj Bradaric (no no).

Jos Fonte (5): the captain was still very nervous. If he responded present in the duels, he does not really bring the srnit which his team would need behind at the moment.

Sven Botman (6): the LOSC defender at the level. He rarely put in difficult and he made several valuable interventions, including a perfect tackle on Vanderson in his area.

Gabriel Gudmundsson (4): another very average match for the Swedes. Titularis in the position of left midfielder, he has very little weight in the debates. We will remember his too soft shot after having eliminated three players (9th) and his header which passes aside (19th). Replaces the 56th by Edon Zhegrova (no)who requested Nbel on two strikes (71st, 85th).

Jonathan Bamba (4): the attacking midfielder showed desire, but he was not fair enough in the area of ​​truth. Like his non-frame shot (30th) then his rat control on a shift from David in the area (50th). Replaces 90th+1 with Isaac Lihadji (no).

Benjamin André (5): as often, the Lille midfielder spared no effort in defensive work. But he did not manage to prevent Tchouamni from shooting Monaco’s first goal (42nd). In the game, he had waste in his passes.

Amadou Onana (5): the rather interesting Lille environment. His willingness to always play forward and break the lines through the pass is a plus for his team. However, it takes a lot of justice, and it sometimes lacked it.

Jonathan David (3): the LOSC striker failed again. As too often in recent months, the Canadian international and very little dangerous in front. Apart from a ct strike at the start of the match (7th), he did not try much. Replaces the 56th by Angel Gomes (no)who scored but 1-1 after a small number in the Mongasque area (69th).

Timothy Weah (5): the image of his team, the American international enterprising at the start of the game and gets a good opportunity, but his shot lacks power to deceive Nbel (12th). He was rather hard-hitting with the ball at his feet to fix the Mongasque defenders and give interesting balls to his partners.


Alexander Nbel (5.5): the Mongasque goalkeeper made little contribution, except on a not very dangerous shot from Weah (12th) and two attempts from Zhegrova (71st, 85th). He is beaten by Gomes’ shot in his area (69th).

Ruben Aguilar (5): the right side of Monaco during a correct match on this. He did the job defensively to close his right lane, except for the Lille goal where he let Bamba go on Botman’s long opening.

Guillermo Maripn (5): the central defender has not been put in difficulty very often, but he defends very badly on the goal of Gomes (69th).

Benoit Badiashile (7): the young defender of ASM makes a good copy. He is impressive in his area to push back the danger several times (7 defensive duels won, 2 interceptions, 4 clearances). A rock.

Caio Henrique (6): on a known the more offensive Mongasque left side. But the Brazilian defended quite well and still finished the game with an assist on Tchouamni’s second goal.

Youssouf Fofana (5): in form in recent weeks, the Mongasque environment has marked time this evening. He had more difficulty projecting the recovery of the ball, which was his strength in recent games. Defensively, it’s a little less impressive too.

Aurlien Tchouamni (8.5): read the comment above.

Vanderson (5): long discreet, the right midfielder came out of the woods to recover the ball at the feet of Djalo and launch Ben Yedder on the action of the first Mongasque goal (42nd). It’s about the only highlight of his match.

Kevin Volland (5): the German striker did not succeed in his efforts but he did not have many opportunities to shine in front of the but during this meeting. It is too short to take a header from Tchouamni at the far post (26th). Replaces the 81st by Jean Lucas (no).

Aleksandr Golovin (6): author of a shot in the small net (46th), the Russian was not decisive but he still weighed in the game with 3 dribbles and 3 key passes. He also worked defensively (3 successful tackles). Replaces the 55th by Ismail Jakobs (no).

Wissam Ben Yedder (6): the captain of ASM did not find the net to score his 22nd goal of the season in Ligue 1, but he delivers an assist Tchouamni (42nd). Without being flamboyant, he remains decisive for his team. Replaces the 66th by Myron Boadu (no).

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LILLE 1-2 MONACO (mid-time: 0-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 36th day
Stadium: Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille – Referee: François Letexier, France

But : A. Gomes (69th) for LILLE – A. Tchouamni (42nd) A. Tchouamni (75th) for MONACO
Warnings : M.elik (39th), Jose Fonte (51st), B. André (87th), J. Bamba (90th)for LILLE – W. Ben Yedder (66th)for MONACO

LILLE : Lo JardimJose Fonte, S.BotmanM.elik, Tiago Djal (D. Bradaric, 87th)J. Bamba (I. Lihadji, 90 + 2nd), B.Andre, A.Onana, G. Gudmundsson (A. Gomes, 56th)J. David (E. Zhegrova, 56th), T.Weah

MONACO : A.NbelG.Maripn, B.BadiashileR. Aguilar, Caio HenriqueY. Fofana, A. ChuamniK. Volland (Jean Lucas, 81st)vanderson, A. Golovin (I. Jakobs, 56th)W. Ben Yedder (M. Boadu, 66th)

Tchouamni scored the first goal of the match (0-1, 42nd)

Gomes has galis for LOSC (1-1, 69th)

Tchouamni celebrates his double which offers the victory Monaco (1-2, 75th)


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