Tap to Pay: Apple welcomes a new partner

Apple is busy finding partners for its future Tap to Pay function, which will allow users to transform their iPhone into a TPE. Thanks to it, it will be possible to receive payments directly from your smartphone “by the end of the year”. During the presentation of Tap to Pay, Apple announced a first contract with Stripe. Today, we learn that another big fish has just joined the adventure: the Dutchman Adyen.

This fintech has been listed since 2018 and has processed more than 300 billion euros in transactions in 2020. In a press release, Adyen specifies that it works with several client companies and commerce platforms, such as Lightspeed and NewStore. Remember that Tap to Pay will initially be reserved for the United States and requires at least an iPhone XS. No availability date has been made official by Apple at this time.


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