A mysterious virus paralyzes children and worries doctors

According to the Los Angeles Times, more than 90% of cases of flaccid myelitis are in young children. “This is because they do not yet have immunity to previous exposures to these viruses“, explain the CDC.”Adults can be infected with enteroviruses, but are more likely to have no or mild symptomsThe mild ones are a … Read more

New study could revolutionize our mosquito control techniques

Thus, researchers at Rockefeller University, New York, found that even if it came to lose one or more receptors, the mosquito could still be able to smell odors given off by human beings. According to the researchers, this backup system could have demonstrated as a survival mechanism. “The Aedes aegypti mosquito is specialized in biting … Read more

Stroke, hypertension … Regular naps would not be so beneficial, according to a study

How to explain it? For clinical psychologist Michael Grandner, who was not involved in the study, these results show that napping is often a sign of sleep problems. “Although taking a nap in itself is not harmful, many people who take naps may do so because of poor sleep at night. Poor nighttime sleep is … Read more

USA: Man cured of HIV and cancer after stem cell transplant

To achieve this remission, the “City of Hope patient”, as he is nicknamed, received a bone marrow transplant “nearly three and a half years ago” to fight against his leukaemia, explains the organization. “He received a blood stem cell transplant. […] from a donor who had a rare genetic mutation”called CCR5, she continues. “CCR5 is … Read more

Covid-19 vaccine: does the extended booster dose “mean the duration of the infection”?

First of all, note that the article in question is not a study strictly speaking, but a correspondence. In it, a team from Massachusetts General Hospital, an establishment attached to the prestigious Harvard Medical School in Boston, carried out PCRs for two weeks and cultured the samples from 66 patients with Covid-19. The data shown … Read more

Monkey pox: “We are facing a new pandemic”, warns Professor Caumes on LCI

However, the spread remains limited compared to that of Covid-19, a far more deadly disease – no deaths from monkeypox have so far been designated in Europe, with the disease usually resolving spontaneously. “Covid-19, a respiratory disease, is much more contagious than a disease that is transmitted through sexual contact or close intimate contact.explains Éric … Read more

“Nightmare in the kitchen” at Notre-Dame-de-Vaulx to review Monday July 18 on M6 with Philippe Etchebest

Monday, July 18 at 9:10 p.m., Philippe Etchebest invites you to see or review on M6 the number of “Nightmare in the kitchen” in Notre-Dame-de-Vaulx. It is in Notre-Dame-de-Vaulx, in Isère, that Beatrice a call to the chief Philippe Etchebest. With his companion Patrickthey opened a restaurant almost two years ago and today their situation … Read more

M6 deprograms “Married at first sight” special Belgium which is replaced by “Nightmare in the kitchen”

Due to poor audience performance, the Belgian version of the entertainment “Married at first sight” is canceled on M6 from Monday 18 July. If the viewers were present during the broadcast of the 6th unpublished season of “Married at First Sight”it was not the same with the broadcast of the Belgian version of the program. … Read more

Ticks invade forests in France: what recommendations if you are bitten?

The safest method remains the tick remover, sold in pharmacies. To use it, simply slide the hook under the tick without crushing it and perform, once close to the skin, a rotary movement to take the entire insect. Then disinfect the wound with an antiseptic and wash your hands. If you don’t have these special … Read more

A known disorder, but little known: what you (perhaps) do not know about myopia

IF it is also hereditary – a child with a myopic parent is twice as likely to be so; with two myopic parents, this risk is roughly speaking multiplied by six – myopia is also and above all linked to lifestyles. Among city dwellers, the risk of being nearsighted is greatest. Indeed, for this disorder … Read more