A report denounces strong social inequalities in access to care

AFP, published on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 10:45 a.m. Prevalence of chronic diseases, risk of renunciation of care, screening tests… Social inequalities are felt within the health system, highlights the 2022 report on the state of health of the population in France published on Wednesday. From an early age, the results are marked between … Read more

the first regional project for the Métropole de Lyon has been signed

When you’re at the helm of a liner the size and means of the Métropole de Lyon, it can sometimes be difficult to focus your efforts effectively. Hence the birth of the metropolitan coherence pact, which provides a general framework for the relationship between the community and the municipalities that make it up. In collaboration … Read more

A first Nice cuisine competition organized for city officials with disabilities

They are blind, deaf, in wheelchairs. This does not prevent them from feasting and feasting others. “Behind the disability, the skills are the same for everyone.” The point of view of Hervé Laubertie, director of well-being, health at work and social dialogue, summary of Handi Chef, the first disabled/valid Niçoise cooking competition, organized on Wednesday, … Read more

OM: what are the most searched L1 clubs on the internet? – Around OM

This Tuesday, the site Sportune publish company data DataPowa, which compiled internet user searches for Ligue 1 clubs during the 2021-2022 season. A study that takes into account traditional media, social networks, search engines, as well as the interactions of supporters around the world. Not surprisingly, it’s the PSG who topped the list with a … Read more

Water parks stormed in Paris: impressive images relayed on social networks

France and Belgium were hit by an intense heat wave. In Paris, city dwellers have taken shelter from the heat as best they can. With the high temperatures, the water parks were literally taken by storm this Saturday, June 18. Starting with the Aquaboulevard, in Paris. Images and videos showing the site overflowing with people … Read more

Vietnamese cuisine seduces diners français | Culture-Sports

Vietnam’s Ambassador to France Dinh Toàn Thang and 5th District Mayor Florence Berthout deliver the festival’s opening speech. Photo: VNA Paris (VNA) – The Vietnam Food Festival 2022 was organized on June 18 at Place Monge in the 5th arrondissement of Paris by the Vietnamese Association in France (UGVF) in collaboration with Foyer Vietnam. This … Read more

the authorities now give social networks 24 hours to remove any content that harms third parties

(Ecofin Agency) – In Africa, regulators are beginning to adjust texts to new offenses related to digital ecosystems. Despite everything, if the obvious, such as scams, are clearly targeted, certain practices that damage reputation on social networks go unpunished. In Nigeria, authorities are now giving social media 24 hours a day to remove non-consensual content … Read more

“Sweat”, the great loneliness of social networks

Sweat * by Magnus von Horn Polish film, 1 h 47 “Everybody loves him, nobody loves him”. The poster immediately announces the color of this Polish film which cruelly explores the often sad and painful reverse side of the dream life of influencers on the Internet. Sylwia, perfect body and look à la Betty Boop, … Read more

Ille et Vilaine. Social networks deciphered by college and high school students

Social networks: alone with everyone? : this was the work topic proposed this year as part of the Classes Actu 35 competition, organized by the National Education services, the Education and Information Media Liaison Center (Clemi), the Conseil department of Ille-et-Vilaine (CD 35), West France, Channel B, TVR and radio-laser. The winners were rewarded on … Read more

French patients accuse the group of being absent subscribers

The group had to recall many respirators because of potential health risks. The Philips group, which had to recall many respiratory devices because of potential health risks, remained silent in the face of questions from the patients concerned, generally suffering from sleep apnea, one of their representatives regretted on Wednesday. Read alsoThe hospital faces an … Read more