A report denounces strong social inequalities in access to care

AFP, published on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 10:45 a.m. Prevalence of chronic diseases, risk of renunciation of care, screening tests… Social inequalities are felt within the health system, highlights the 2022 report on the state of health of the population in France published on Wednesday. From an early age, the results are marked between … Read more

App Store, iCloud, Apple Music, Locate, internal network: Apple services in carafe [réparé]

Several Apple services fell apart a few minutes ago, such as the App Store, which stubbornly refuses to download anything from a lot of users. Boo, I’m going to have to work tonight… iMessage and iCloud are also having issues, as are Apple Music, Developer Portal, and more. At the moment, Apple’s System Status page … Read more

Apple Music: price increase for students in France, Switzerland and Belgium

It’s the turn of France, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan to see the price of the Apple Music subscription for students increase. There are certainly other countries involved, we have only checked these. In France and Belgium, the formula has increased by one euro, which will now be €5.99 per month instead of €4.99. In Switzerland we … Read more

1.8 billion Apple devices worldwide, 785 million paying subscribers

Between October and December 2021, Apple sold $ 19.5 billion in services: that makes subscriptions to Apple Music, iCloud storage, AppleCare, Apple Pay transactions or subscriptions to App applications. Store (not to mention the big check from Google). Services, up 23.8% compared to the last quarter of 2020, have established themselves as Apple’s second financial … Read more

Apple will broadcast all North American soccer games from 2023

After its partnership with the American baseball league, Apple passes the second by buying the rights of the soccer North American. Starting in 2023, Apple will broadcast all Major League Soccer (MLS) matches worldwide, which includes club soccer (the one played with the feet, not the hands) from the United States and from Canada. Proof … Read more

Apple emancipates itself a little more from its financial partners for Apple Pay Later

After months of rumors, Apple finally unveiled a new financial service this week — and takes another step toward creating a full-fledged bank. Apple Pay Later will allow the United States to split a purchase into four installments to be paid over six weeks. This “buy now, pay later” service is free of charge and … Read more

While Season 3 is underway, Apple TV+ is offering the first season of For All Mankind

The broadcast of the third season of For all mankind has started and Apple is taking the opportunity to offer the first season for free. This uchronic series from Apple TV+ imagines that the Americans were not the first to set foot on the Moon and that the Russians did not abandon the space race … Read more

Apple Music: price increase in some countries of the offer intended for students

Apple has announced to students who subscribe to Apple Music that their subscription prices will increase in several countries, including in the Dominican Republic, where the price will drop from $1.49 to $1.99 per month. This remains well below the official general public rate (€10 per month individually, or €15 per month for families in … Read more