complaints against Google from European consumers

Consumer associations from five European countries, including France, have lodged a complaint against Google with the national authorities for the protection of personal data, the European Bureau of Consumers’ Unions (BEUC) announced on Thursday. Read alsoThomas Kurian: “France is a priority for Google Cloud” These organizations (also deployed in Greece, Norway, the Czech Republic and … Read more

“France is a priority for Google Cloud”

By Ingrid Vergara Posted 1 minute ago, Update 1 minute ago Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud (here in 2021 in Sunnyvale, CA). Cayce Clifford/Bloomberg MAINTENANCE – The CEO of Google Cloud details his strategy for conquering a hyper-growth market. Less than four years after taking the dreams, Thomas Kurian transformed Google’s cloud division. World … Read more

Apple launches its Back to School offer… in the United States

Highly anticipated by students and teachers who are preparing for the start of the school year, Apple’s Back to School offer is back… in the United States and Canada. As usual, Apple is offering a freebie in addition to the usual Apple Store Education discount. Except this time it’s not AirPods but a gift card. … Read more

Apple Watch: How to set your connected watch to left-handed mode

Like most smartwatches, the Apple Watch is setup for rights. But how do you make your Apple Watch fit you if you’re left-handed? Don’t worry, you can wear your Apple smartwatch on either arm. Here is a comment to adjust some settings to your right or left arm. Summary : If you’re left-handed, or like … Read more

Google denounces Italian spyware used to hack smartphones

Victims were given a link to install malicious apps, which then spy on their activity on their mobile. Software from an Italian firm specializing in communications surveillance was used to hack smartphones to spy on users in Italy and Kazakhstan, according to Google, which condemned a spyware industry “thriving”. “These companies reflect the proliferation of … Read more

Google is infiltrated by a cult, according to an ex-employee

By Tom Kerkour Published on 06/20/2022 at 17:27, Update on 06/21/2022 at 12:48 A complaint for unfair dismissal was filed by the former employee. BENOIT TESSIER / REUTERS The “community of friends” known for its excesses would have placed its members in strategic positions within one of the divisions of the company. This is news … Read more

victory for the first union in an Apple store

After Starbucks and Amazon, the union movement across the Atlantic is winning the Apple brand. After Starbucks and Amazon, the union movement won Apple on Saturday with the historic victory of a union in an American Apple Store, a first for the Apple brand. Of the 110 employees of the store in Towson, a town … Read more

Lenovo wants to compete with Apple in the computer market

Lenovo, world number one in volume on the computer market, made Apple “its first competitor”. And it shows. Its new PCs in the Yoga range, with a rounded brushed aluminum design, bear an uncanny resemblance to Macs. Any similarity with an existing or having existed device is therefore far from being fortuitous. This formal offensive … Read more

the Apple M2 chip on the test bench

The Apple M2 chip is coming! Shown off at WWDC earlier this month, it powers the new 13.3″ MacBook Pro and the all-new redesigned MacBook Air. Both machines were announced at the same time but it’s the MacBook Pro 13 .3″ which will be available first: after the launch of pre-orders last Friday, the first … Read more

Apple’s new network adapter is good for internal use

Last month, a mysterious “network adapter” numbered A2657 and designed by Apple obtained certification from the American FCC. The device runs on iOS 15.5 and includes a battery, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, a USB-C port, an antenna and supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC, and it also has 32 GB of storage and 1.5 GB of … Read more