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Traveling in the past is possible and also very simple, thanks to Google Maps. Google’s map platform provides access to its image history from previous years so users can see what its streets, towns and any neighborhood in general looked like in the past. If you’ve always been curious to see images from the past, Google Maps has them available to you.

We’re not surprised that a Google service has this feature, since we already knew you can travel back in time with Google Earth. However, we assure you that with Maps it’s much easiersince it does not require the installation of any program on your computer. Let’s see how to do it step by step and with screenshots so that you do the process at the same time as us.

Change the date on Google Maps to see what your street looked like years ago.

How to change the date in Google Maps to see images from previous years

To travel in the past with Google Maps, we just have to change the date of the images that we see in Street View mode. According to our tests, it is only possible to use this function in the version of Google Maps for PC, so open yours, let’s go on a trip. Attached bathroom you will find the steps to follow. If you want to see the captures big, just click on them.

  1. Open Google Maps in web browser From your computer.
  2. Click on the Street View Dollin the lower right corner, and move it into the area What do you want to see with his previous appearance? To do this, it must be a street that is highlighted on the map with a blue line.
  3. Once you drop the doll, Street View will open to show you the current street-level panoramic image saved by Google.
  4. Click the clock icon located in the dark rectangle in the upper left corner.
  5. The timeline that appears shows you the dates available in that area. You can move the controller easily from right to left, and vice versa, for see comment preview change up the line.
  6. If you want to see the image of a specific year in large, you just have to click that year and next, in the preview image.

So you can use Google Maps to see what your street looked like before: go back in time step by step

It’s that easy to travel to the past with Google Maps. As you can see for yourself, recording of images varies depending on the area you want to see in previous dates. For example, the big ones have a larger catalog of images, since the Street View car is more and more outdated there.

Undoubtedly, this function of Google Maps is very useful for look back and remember what the area you live in was like 10 or 15 years ago. It is also interesting for see how fast cities are changing, usually for the better. If you can possibly get the most out of the map platform, we will show you the best tips for Google Maps, some of them will surely surprise you.

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