Sonos will free itself from Google Assistant and Alexa with its own voice assistant

In June, Sonos is expected to launch an in-house developed voice assistant. The brand’s speakers can be controlled by voice without going through Google or Amazon.

According to information from The Verge, which has already obtained a preview of information on the next sound bar from Sonos, the audio specialist is preparing to enter the field of voice assistants. If most of its products already support Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, this would be the first time that the manufacturer has tried to obtain this independence.

Too many helpers? Not determined

Initially, the Sonos assistant would be reserved for the United States according to The Verge, even if it is possible that “Sonos Voice” arrives quickly in other markets. All products currently running the S2 version of Sonos software could benefit from it, as an alternative to Google and Alexa. The assistant would be unlocked by the keyword “Hey Sonos”, which seems quite logical.

Sonos Move speaker // Source: Numerama

What is the interest for Sonos? Today, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are quite limited on the brand’s speakers. They cannot access the settings, certain exclusive speaker functions or, more annoyingly, control certain streaming services like Apple Music, which is number 1 in streaming in the United States. Sonos Voice should include some Sonos-specific functions and support all voice assistants, even if Spotify would not be ready for launch.

Sonos Voice also played the privacy card. Against Google and Amazon, it would not collect any data. We can only hope that he understands what is being asked of him, the Achilles heel of voice assistants.

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