Sonos shuns Google and Amazon by launching its own voice assistant

news material Sonos shuns Google and Amazon by launching its own voice assistant

In June, Sonos should launch its home voice assistant directly compatible with many of the brand’s products. It’s Google and Amazon that aren’t going to be contained.

Sonos Voice, the voice assistant project for Sonos speakers

Sonos is the reference brand of audio equipment in the (very) high end. With prices not always justified, the brand still offers high quality products.

According to rumors, Sonos does not intend to revolutionize the world of voice assistants, but to add an additional possibility to users who seek a little more anonymity when they speak to a virtual machine.

For now, it is possible to invoke Google Assistant and Alexa, Amazon’s virtual agent. And although they are smart and offer to perform several actions by voice command, they still have two main flaws.

  • Not all possibilities are exploited. For example, you can’t change device settings with voice, or control Apple Music.
  • Google and Amazon suck your data. It’s no longer a secret but if it bothers you, Sonos should put on the security and anonymity of the information you ask it.

Sonos, for its new assistant which should be called Sonos Voice, would offer to overcome these imperfections with a competitor to Google, the latter already being cold with the brand.

Round 2 of a fight against Google

Obviously, Amazon and Google do not see this news with a good eye, and are already seeing their precious data go up in smoke. Google in particular hasn’t been on good terms since Sonos filed a lawsuit and won against the Cupertino giant over patent violations.

The lawsuit involved Google Home speakers

We are also entitled to wonder if Sonos has the shoulders to create a powerful enough voice assistant to forget the others, which will remain available in addition to Sonos Voice.

One of the reasons that puts Alexa and Google Assistant ahead of Siri is the amount of data collected to improve word recognition functions and provide the best responses and actions. If Sonos takes the path to zero data, we wish them good luck.

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