solutions against climate change

Today, several companies claim that they care about the environment. Google Cloud has therefore worked to enable them to realize their words.

Many companies will really want to contribute to the protection of the environment. Unfortunately, they don’t have access or tools or the technology needed to achieve their goals. In order to solve this problem, Google Cloud a decision to implement a sustainable development platform. The goal is to make data around energy consumption more accessible and more understandable.

A set of solutions to climate problems

the Sustainability Summit where the summit on sustainable development took place this week. During this event, Google mentioned a set of solutions. While some are based on existing technologies, others are new. However, the whole has for but of build a kind of platform dedicated to sustainable development.

A summit to talk about sustainable development.

This platform should provide a way toConcrete goal setter to corporations and governments. In addition, it will allow, among other things, to contextualize these aims thanks to public and internal data. These abilities can also view results they have had in the context of sustainable development. That will facilitate understanding informations available.

The technical director for the sustainable development of Google Cloud, Jenn Bennett, a required to provide details on the solutions that the company offers. She said that the establishment of sustainable development is of great importance. Google Cloud therefore wants its customers to be able to use the tools required to know their position in relation to this cause. It will also allow them to solve urgent problems.

Also, Jenn Bennett exposed a fact that companies don’t necessarily grasp. In fact, the sustainable development understands the management of numerous programs. These include employee power, data centers and supply chains. And the whole forms one ecosystem complex.

Google Earth Engine available to businesses

In the set of tools mentioned during the Sustainability SummitGoogle mentioned Google Earth Engine. It is a technology that in the old days was reserved for scientists and NGOs.

Google Earth Engine, a tool formerly reserved for researchers and NGOs.

currently, the tech giant offers a new version for companies. This release will provide them with access to a large amount of information. The latter will be used to design illustrations that can show the impact of exploitation of an entity on a specific area. Visualization of effects on a global scale is also possible.

In addition, Google Earth Engine can use the data who tries satellites. Thanks to this capability, the tool can offer a real-time idea of ​​the impact of a company’s activity on theenvironment. This was explained Rebecca Moorethe one who leads Google’s geospatial initiatives.

“Google Earth Engine, which we originally launched for scientists and NGOs in 2010, is at the forefront of global environmental monitoring, with one of the largest catalogs of observational data in the Earth accessible to the public in the world. »

Rebecca Moore

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