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Social networks have become essential to any good digital strategy. They allow you to exchange with your consumers, to guide them, to inform them. By Emilie Jacobée-Boisbouvier, social media manager at Big.

Who can still avoid them?

First observation: + 26 million Instagram users in France, + 15 million for Tiktok, + 40 million for Facebook… Social networks have become essential to any good digital strategy. They allow you to communicate with your consumers, to guide them, to inform them, to supply them with branded content, to make them interact, to identify your ambassadors… in short, they are as interesting on the marketing side as on the communication side.

Second observation: window shopping is sometimes done from a sofa, watching the latest nugget from Netflix. Merchandising goes through the Instagram feed, and if you want to eventually reach your customers, it won’t just be via a home fragrance and a window display with garlands: you will also need a social media footprint with small onions!

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Choose your networks well and vary the approaches by platform.

On Facebook, take advantage of the power of engagement to give more information about your brand, your story. Create a real interest in it and consolidate the link with your consumers. On Instagram and Pinterest, favor inspiration, discovery and dreams. These two platforms, Instagram above all, are the terrain of aesthetics. On Tiktok, get your community to play with your products and use the platform as a pool of potential creators to work with.

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social shopping

According to a study carried out by YouGov in 2021 on Social Commerce, 1 in 4 French people say they have already purchased a product via a social network. This is important, especially when we know that the means of online purchase are not yet fully implemented. Today, when you make your posts “shoppable” by linking them to one of your products, you facilitate the purchase in a few clicks: the social user sees the post, clicks on the product, then on the button that take directly to a “landing page” opened in Instagram. Tomorrow, when your product can be purchased directly from Instagram or Facebook, without going through this page. A faster, more immersive and… more compulsive purchase! For the moment, the functionality is not yet deployed in France on Tiktok but it will not know later. Buying on social networks has never been so easy!

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Capitalize on current formats

Stay agile and focus your efforts on content and formats that are preferred by algorithms. Video is THE format to be ineffective in 2022: TikTok is all about videos, Instagram is making this format its hobbyhorse and Pinterest is rolling out this new format both organically and paid. Instagram’s Reels still have plenty of time ahead of them, so take advantage of them: create content that allows you to see your entire collection or a range, on video. Also think about stories that allow you to work on a story, and “Collection Ads” that allow a real space for product demonstrations. If you apply these rules, your social media strategy is already well established. Add to that partnerships with macro or micro-influencers, compensation campaigns on your highlights, and some branded content operations… And your accounts will be sources of revenue!

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