Snapchat prepares a “Plus” subscription to survive Apple’s changes

Snapchat is currently testing a new paid plan that allows the company to renew its offer. This new subscription would bring exclusive additional features as well as early access to some.

Source: Alessandro Paluzzi

After Twitter with its “Twitter Blue” solution, another social network is preparing to set up a subscription service allowing access to exclusive features. Snapchat was currently testing a new formula to offer some additional features as well as early access to others to its users.

A new formula tested internally

Internal testing has already started for this new Snapchat service. This subscription granting access to functionalities, sometimes even experimental, constituted the near future of the firm to the ghost. The information comes from the developer Alessandro Paluzzi who was able to post several screenshots on Twitter showing what this new subscription would apply to.

#Snapchat is working on a subscription plan called Snapchat+ 👀

ℹ️ Snapchat+ gives you access to exclusive, experimental and preview features such as the possibility to pin 📌 the conversation with your best friend, access to personalized Snapchat icons, a special badge, etc…

– Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) June 16, 2022

The information has since been flagged by Snapchat spokeswoman Liz Markman, who told The Verge that the company was proceeding with “preliminary internal testing of Snapchat Plus, a new subscription service for Snapchatters » and that they were «excited about the opportunity to share exclusive, experimental, and preview features”with their members.

According to this source, the subscription will allow you to pin one of your friends as #1 BFF (best friend n°1), but also to have access to exclusive icons. The subscription will also grant you a badge on your profile and will allow you to access other features such as being able to see the location of your friend for the last 24 hours (if he has shared his location with you well). heard) or how many of your friends have reviewed your stories.

A higher price than for Twitter Blue?

We also know more about the price that this subscription should cost, since we find in this post an accelerated screenshot of the different price orders that would be practiced. We thus find offers for different durations with a monthly formula that would cost 4.59 euros. The subscription would go to 24.99 euros for 6 months and 45.99 euros if you prefer the 12 month pack.

snapchat plus subscription
The probable prices of the Snapchat Plus subscription // Source: Alessandro Paluzzi

Snapchat also allows users to enjoy a one-week free trial to experience these new additions. These prices are for the moment only indicative and could be brought to change between now and the official announcement of the formula.

The new restrictions put in place by Apple since iOS 14.5 on advertising tracking must have accelerated the desire of certain platforms to change the way in which their income flows, in particular certain free applications which are quite dependent on the advertising displayed there. generated.

Snapchat is also not the only social network considering the idea of ​​offering a paid service in the future. Newly, we learned that the Telegram network was also going to change its economic model by also launching its own premium offer.

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