Small space: 28 m2 all in serenity and games of volumes in Montorgueil

In front of the three windows of the living room, a shelf connects the kitchen to the living room. Creating a continuous perpendicular line, it can be used as a workspace.

BCDF workshop

“In the pedestrian area of ​​Montorgueil, this small space is a real gem, says Laura Markman, founding architect of Atelier Noun. So I based my renovation on the soothing atmosphere of its tree-lined courtyard…” A jewel, certainly, but tarnished and crooked, not paying homage to the spirit of the district… The architect will therefore wipe the slate clean, open everything and start from an (almost) blank page. She immediately considered the concept of a mezzanine, the best way to multiply the functions – kitchen, bedding, storage, laundry room, etc. –, then became interested in the three south-facing windows and rethought the layout in terms of volume and luminosity. – “how to make as much light as possible at the end of the apartment”. She isolates the bathroom at the back of the studio where a small window allows natural ventilation and, once this volume has been drawn, installs a mezzanine sleeping module in the center of the freed space, “like a monument”, around and inside are organized several functions: dressing room and corridor leading to the bathroom on the entrance side, lit part and living room facing the windows.

The mezzanine does not reach the ceiling, allowing abundant natural light to flow through. Mobile, the two steps leading to the bed can be transformed into a seat and a desk or occasional furniture.

BCDF workshop

A Swiss army knife module

The light wood monolith cabinet thus created incorporates, on the stone wall side, a large storage space under the bed and, on the reception area side, two steps leading to the bed which can, depending on needs, be stored one below the other, transforming into a seat and mini-desk or a seat and auxiliary mobile console… Doors hide a TV cabinet, high and shallow, which acts as a separation and protection element for a little privacy at sleeping level, and a deeper lower module for additional storage on several levels. In the bathroom, a small door gives access, under the bed, to the washing machine, concentrating the wet functions in this part of the apartment. Thus, under the bedding, no space is wasted.


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