Slimane: the singer finally reveals “in broad daylight” who is the man of his life!

Successful singer, Slimane is also in his intimacy a gaga father of his daughter. Despite the popularity of Vitaa’s sidekick, his private life is well hidden. Like what, the artist keeps away from the prying eyes of people and the media. That said, it happens that the young man confides in his personal life. This is for example the case the day he revealed the identity of the man of his life. You might be surprised!

Slimane, an accomplished artist

Decidedly, Slimane is a real star and continues to prove it. The singer was revealed to the public during his participation in The Voice (TF1). He first won the competition before becoming an accomplished artist. Today, each of his albums is a national success. His songs have also received awards.

As a reminder, his career in the music industry began in 2016. If it is obvious that TF1 offered visibility to the singer, to say that he has no talent behind it would be in bad faith. It is precisely thanks to his talent that he was able to create hits that the French listen to on repeat.

A first album, then a second, the success of Slimane is here to stay. In any case, today he is best known for his duet with Vitaa. Remember that the two artists collaborated for the release of VersuS, Slimane’s third album. It was an unprecedented success judging by the number of sales.

Very active, but very discreet

The star certainly hardly ever talks about his private life, but Slimane is very active on social networks. Except during the period when it was decided to close his Instagram account.

“Friends, one year that every month I post a cover! Here we are at the end of this fabulous adventure, at the end of this fabulous first part of the VersuS tour but also and above all at the start of a new story… need a few months of rest and what better way to say see you soon than a new song with a theme inspired by you! Thank you for everything… it’s not a farewell it’s not even a goodbye I’ll be back soon…”, he explained at the time.

Still, today, Slimane is back. Note that even if the singer is very active on social networks, fans have very little information, if any, on his love life. In an interview conducted a few months ago, the new dad talks about the man of his life.

Who is the man of her life?

A few months ago, Slimane organized a FAQ session on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, subscribers who attended the event numbered in the thousands. The handsome kid then agreed to respond to his fans in a video. As expected, internet users asked him if he was in a relationship.

If he claimed to be single, he also did not specify whether he wanted to date a man or a woman. Later, the public learned that Slimane is not gay since he has meanwhile become the father of a beautiful little girl. Nevertheless, the artist has already revealed the identity of the man he describes as the man of his life.

We are in 2018, when Slimane’s second album was released. You should know that this album has a special meaning for the interpreter of “Before you”. In reality, it’s a way for the singer to declare his love for his father. It’s not like he has too much choice either.

Indeed, his father would have said to him:

“You talk about your mother, it seems like I never existed and I’m an indignant father!” »

To understand this remark, you have to listen to Slimane’s first album. In his opus, the young man speaks of the one who gave birth to him using glowing terms.

“Getting out of the car, I called Mickaël, my manager, and told him: ‘Here we have to write about fathers otherwise mine will disinherit me tomorrow,'” recalls Slimane.

The singer then set about writing lyrics that fail all his love for his father. This is how later, his song “Papa hero” was born.

“You were born poor but you got the soul of a king / Daddy hero / Captain of my ship / Daddy hero / Sing me ‘hoist high’ again / My daddy hero…,” he put in the lyrics.

A declaration of love that will certainly have pleased the one who has done everything for him.

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