She traps Parcoursup with a cooking recipe

EDUCATION – A Russian praline cream cake that does damage. In order to test the limits of the software, a high school student from Pau played a fun trick on the Parcoursup platform, intended to manage and manage the assignment wishes of future higher education students.

Lucièle Casteigbou, a final year student at Saint-John Perse high school, perhaps did not expect such repercussions with her idea. Criticized for his steps to lengthen in order to submit his wishes, Parcoursup was trapped by the student, as she revealed in a first video posted on her TikTok account on April 7.

After having inadvertently selected an establishment for which she had not thought of applying, Lucièle had the idea of ​​submitting two applications: one to the university of Bordeaux and the other to that of Bayonne. But only one of the two was a real cover letter. The other letter was simply a recipe for a cake: praline cream Russian, vsAs you can see in the video at the top of the article.

All this, embellished with a “catch phrase that makes the difference” as she writes herself on TikTok. “English cuisine: if it’s cold it’s soup, if it’s hot it’s beer. French cuisine being more refined, I would like you to be part of a traditional French recipe: Russian”, was it thus written at the opening of the letter, in a reference to Coluche.

“It’s the Parcoursup system that has a problem”

With more than 2.2 million views on the social network, Lucièle’s video has attracted attention. In a second video uploaded on June 3, she explains that after a short period on the waiting list, her wish accompanied by the cover letter bomb was accepted without the slightest problem.

The young woman also spoke to BFMTV this Tuesday, June 28 to explain the process behind her trap set at Parcoursup. “I registered on Parcoursup in March for the Faculty of Law of Bordeaux […] I wanted to see if I was going to be accepted and if we really looked at our cover letters. Suddenly, this is not the case, since I was accepted with an absolutely zero letter ”, notes the high school student who nevertheless specifies that she had a good file.

″It shows that we don’t read the letters. We spend a lot of time doing things that are useless. I don’t think it’s the faculties’ fault, adds La Paloise, however, it’s Parcoursup’s fault because the universities can’t handle so many requests. […] it’s the Parcoursup system that has a problem”.

With the obtaining of this double choice, the 18-year-old high school student finally chose the University of Bayonne to begin her higher education and pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer. For the moment, no reaction from the rectorate of Bordeaux has been made public.

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