Sevrey. Cook Anaïs Rozier spent seven months on a cruise ship

Anaïs Rozier does not hide it. She on the move. Nine months, it was in Paris that she put down her stove case. In the premises of the company “Food Comedy Traiteur” more precisely. “It’s an event and communication box which, instead of subcontracting, has its laboratory in-house. I am second in the kitchen. It’s a job that changes enormously, which is completely different, ”says the 28-year-old cook, currently back in her native Burgundy.

In Paris, in the functions she occupies today, she will probably not last ten years. Because Anaïs Rozier has a temperament that always encourages her to discover new things, to try new experiences. At 28, she has already visited quite a few places to offer her cooking skills. And it was during her various wanderings that she certainly experienced the craziest moments of her life.

A full-time, restless job

Almost sure…

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