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Warped Kart Racers is coming to Apple Arcade today! A kart game featuring several iconic cartoon characters such as Family Guy and King of the Hill among others.

Buddy Controller: for more accessibility

Apple recently unveiled new features on its devices to improve accessibility. For Apple Arcade, what interests us is the Buddy Controller function, which allows a helper or friend to help control a game by allowing the grab can come from two separate controllers for the same player. Buddy Controller is precisely compatible with Warped Kart Racer and other Apple Arcade games such as NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition, Wylde Flowers, and LEGO Star Wars: Castaways. The latter is also a creation of Gameloft Montreal.

Content Updates

  • Gear.Club Stradale – Launched the Super Carta in-game event, where players can win a McLaren 570S if their club completes 100% of the Carta. Clubs that have not completed the Carta at 100% will receive a discount on the purchase of the car via in-game currency up to the amount of effort they have provided.
  • Disney Melee Mania – Experience two new limited-time themed events featured featuring iconic Disney characters, the Beast and Maleficent.
  • Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure – The new update adds a Mirror Story quest, 60 new puzzles, and a tournament update.
  • Simon’s Cat – Story Time – Launched new player avatars, as well as 100 new levels.
  • Zen Pinball Party — try the new Williams Pinball table: Black Rose.
  • Pocket Build+ – Players can add cats to their worlds, as well as various feline-themed items and accessories.
  • Transformers: Tactical Arena – Launched the Map Shop, giving players the ability to spend excess Ore-13 to progress and upgrade their maps and purchase emotes, avatars, and banners.

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