Save money easily with these unsuspected cooking tips

The use of household appliances in the house has an influence on your gas and electricity bill. To save money, there is a very simple trick that you probably do not suspect the existence. Here’s everything you need to know.

Inflation hasn’t come into focus lately. In addition to affecting a large part of the food sector – + 5.8% in June over one year – the rise in prices also affects the field of raw materials, gas and electricity. To save money, there are all kinds of tricks such as the possibility of doing 1 week of lessons for four at 30 euros or changing your habits vis-à-vis your household appliances. Here are some tips for saving money with your oven.

Turn off your oven early

Remember to turn off your oven shortly before the end of your cooking. If your dish takes an hour to cook, turn it off about 15 minutes before the end of the scheduled cooking time. It will still be hot and your dish can finish cooking slowly.

prepare your meals ahead of time

It is important that your dish is ready to be put in the oven when your oven has finished preheating. This will prevent it from spinning in a vacuum for several minutes. When the electric oven is on at 200°C and running empty, it wastes about 0.2 kWh every 10 minutes. Don’t make this mistake again and anticipate the moment when you are going to put your dish…

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