Sampaoli: “The team did everything they could!” – Interview

What is your analysis of the game?

Jorge Sampaoli: “The match was favorable to us until the exit of Payet. Then there were ten confusing minutes. In the second half we looked for another way of doing things, another authorized system of play to go through the sides. We had density in attack, but no precision. We were not able to impose ourselves in the opposing area. But I would like to emphasize that the team did everything they could, at no time did they didn’t give up.”

How serious is Payet’s injury? And can the match leave traces?

JS: “For Payet, we do not know the seriousness of his injury, the doctors will see that tomorrow during the exams. Regarding the wear and tear of this intense and demanding match, we will see that on Sunday. The team ended with a lot of anger, because despite everything which she proposed and sought, she failed to win this match. We have to turn the page, recover and see which players are in the best shape to play against Lorient, we have to rethink our objective in the league. “

Didn’t the entrants lack impact?

JS: “They tried. There was a very high performance from some players, for others it was a bit harder. But Payet’s exit changed the game a lot, because without him the game plan was different, we had to change. Pape Gueye had to leave at half-time when he had been very good in the first half, he could open the pentagon we had with Gerson. So we had to modify the plan by finding an alternative, with two points. But you had to have the same return to finish the actions, we expected that from them, but they tried, they gave a lot, I insist on that.”


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