Sales: The best Apple offers, from iPhone 13 to AirPods, everything goes!

Apple doesn’t run promotions often, and sales are no exception. It is therefore up to the shops to launch discounts for the occasion, and here is a list of the most interesting products to complete your collection and enter a little more into the ecosystem.

Apple is above all an ecosystem made up of products whose purpose is to work perfectly together, and which allows Apple to retain customers for a long time, the walls of the garden being higher and higher, the more one has toys of the brand.

The fact is that many find themselves there and appreciate the simplicity of use and the lack of frills. No need to fetch any more lanyard, Apple does it right. What they don’t do though is promotions.

Good luck finding instances where Apple sells off their products, it almost never happens. The only time when prices drop on the brand’s website is when a new product comes out and the previous one is entitled to a preferential rate.

So for sales, no miracle on the side of California but promotions are still found here and there.

We advise against a small list with varied Apple products that fit many different needs. As mentioned above, they all work very well together and you will have no trouble using them.

The iPhone 13, the classic

This is the latest iPhone released by the Apple brand in September 2021, and we can say that it comes with its share of rejoicing.

But above all, the iPhone 13 is a well-honed design with small onions. We find there a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display with brilliant brightness.

power side we find an A15 Bionic chip with its 4 GPU cores that allow its user to enjoy impeccable fluidity. Whether your apps and games are greedy or not, the iPhone 13 will run them without a hitch.

Another interesting point to mention is the camera. We find a good goal 12MP wide-angle and 12MP ultra-wide-angle which, with perfectly optimized iOS photo software.

But we can be tempted to worry about the battery because, let’s be honest, iPhones are not known for their autonomy, considered a little weak around the edges. Corn Apple has struck a blow and equipped the iPhone 13 with a 3240 mAh battery that should last you at least a day.

Buy the iPhone 13 at 829€ at SFR

The AirPods Pro, to listen without music in peace

Sales: The best Apple offers, from iPhone 13 to AirPods, everything goes!

If you are already an Apple customer, the question does not even arise. With their perfect integration into the ecosystem of the Cupertino company, it’s hard to do better. On the other hand, for those who are not equipped with an Apple product, the question already arises a little more, since the device is less practical to use elsewhere.

In all cases, they have a very clean sound which will allow you to listen to your content and make your calls in an optimal way. With noise reduction, you will no longer be bothered by everyday noises.

And in case you still prefer to hear what’s going on around you, just activate the Transparency mode. They also feature spatial audio with dynamic tracking of your head movements, as well as surround sound. As for ease of use: no worries either. The hold on your ear fits perfectly.

With more than 24 hours announced thanks to its MagSafe charging case, you will be comfortable for a long time of listening. Especially since their battery is capable of lasting 4.5 hours on a single charge.

Buy AirPods Pro at 199€ at Cdiscount

AirPods 3rd generation, Apple quality for cheap

Sales: The best Apple offers, from iPhone 13 to AirPods, everything goes!

The AirPods are a real hit, and Apple is careful to pamper its baby. With this third generation, they change almost everything starting with the design which is very similar to what we find on the AirPro. And that changes everything.

No more tapping to bury the earpiece in the ear to change music. Use now the small rods where the press studs are located. It’s much more pleasant.

No noise reduction on this model, but an improved battery that surpasses that of the AirPods Pro: 6 hours compared to 4.5 for the Pro. The charging case is compatible with wireless charging. We can therefore just put it on a small induction roller to see the battery climb.

How not to accept instant pairing with your iPhone or Mac, which fits into the magical aspect of this product. And we don’t forget spatial audio, still not very available but which allows to have a 3D rendering of the sound that we listen to to give the impression that the instruments are all around us.

Buy the 3rd generation Airpods at 179€ at Amazon

The Apple Watch Series 7, the queen of connected watches

Sales: The best Apple offers, from iPhone 13 to AirPods, everything goes!

If you already own an iPhone, look no further, the Apple Watch Series 7 is the watch for you, especially if you’re looking for the best. The latest from Apple completely changes its design with a screen that extends over almost the entire front face.

This new size makes it possible to display new things like a full numeric keypad for typing messages by sliding your finger from letter to letter. The OLED screen is more resistant than ever with its new material resistant to dust but also to water. You can dive 50 meters deep without any problem.

It pairs instantly with your iPhone and allows you to receive notifications, track workouts and sleep, set reminders, and even unlock your Mac computer.

Other new features are appearing such as fast charging to fill your watch 33% faster. It is the perfect complement for the iPhone, and if you are thinking about it, do not hesitate because it is at the best price.

The Apple Watch Series 7 45mm goes from €459 to €409 on Amazon.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 GPS 45 mm at 409€ at Amazon

The Apple Watch SE, the little sister that focuses on the essentials

Sales: The best Apple offers, from iPhone 13 to AirPods, everything goes!

We don’t want to say that one day about Apple but there, we found a real good value for money. The Apple Watch is entitled to a slightly lighter version called Apple Watch SE. It is suitable for those who do not want to spend too much on a watch but still have the essentials.

In fact, the Apple Watch SE even does a bit more. Powerful, with a large screen, the features reserved for its big sister are made up of the fingers of one hand. Sports and sleep monitoring, electrocardiogram, calculation of blood oxygenation rate, unlocking the Mac, GPS… We’re going on.

What you’ll have to do without are fast charging and the “Always-On” screen to be able to check the time a little more discreetly.

The watch works independently, you can even give it to a child as substitute for a smartphone.

And the Apple Watch combo with AirPods is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We exaggerate a bit, but not that much.

Buy the Apple Watch SE GPS 44 mm at 328€ at Amazon

The MacBook Air M1, Apple’s revolution

Sales: The best Apple offers, from iPhone 13 to AirPods, everything goes!

2020 marked a new era for Apple, which got rid of Intel to finally manufacture its own chips for their Mac computers. It all starts with this MacBook Air, which incorporates this super-powerful M1 processor.

It undermines previous versions, and allows run a lot of applications at the same time, and do fairly advanced photo or video editing, and even play a lot of games.

Apple is renowned for optimizing these products, and can outperform the competition with seemingly lesser features. The 8GB of RAM is more than enough for the vast majority of people, and with the 256GB SSD, your Mac boots up in a flash and transfers your files in a snap.

The Retina display is detailed and if you already have an iPhone, the two machines are in perfect sync. You can use Airdrop to send files or photos from one device to another, type a note on the iPhone and see it appear on the Mac, launch a Safari search on one and continue it on the other. …

Apple does all this while keeping a monster autonomy and requires a lot of heating during intensive tasks.

The Macbook Air M1 is only €999 right now on Amazon.

Buy the MacBook Air M1 256 GB at 999€ at Amazon

MacBook Pro M1: the best Fnac offers

Sales: The best Apple offers, from iPhone 13 to AirPods, everything goes!

You want a Mac, but you’re looking for a little more power for more intense tasks or just for long-term peace of mind. In effect, Buying a computer is still an investment, and that’s where the MacBook Pro comes in.

The chassis is a little bulkier than the MacBook Air to install the fans used to cool the M1 processor, the chip made by Apple. The brand now masters the hardware, the software and therefore the processor. This makes it possible to perfectly optimize the components to obtain the best possible performance for the greatest consumption and heating.

You find the Touch Bar, a tactile surface that replaces the function keys. It’s not to everyone’s taste, so it’s up to you. With TouchID, you can easily unlock the machine without having to enter a code.

On a four USB-C ports to connect external displays, SSD etc. You can mount up to 16 GB of RAM and an M1 chip with 10 graphics cores.

There are many possible configurations, some of which benefit from great reductions. Do not hesitate to click to go see.

See all MacBook Pro M1 at Fnac

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