Sales: for €34, Google transforms your TV

Good deal news Sales: for €34, Google transforms your TV

A television is quite expensive and if you are not ready to take the plunge, the Chromecast offers an ultra simple solution to display all the content you want from your smartphone, directly on your TV, even if it is dated little . With the sales, the Chromecast is on sale.

The Google Chromecast transforms your TV for even less during the sales

The Chromecast is a bit of a must and it has the advantage of being inexpensive compared to what it is capable of doing. For the sales, Fnac and Darty offer to save a few euros on this very popular item. The Chromecast Full HD goes from 39€ to 34€.

Buy the Google Chromecast at 34€ at Fnac

Buy Google Chromecast for €34 at Darty

Here are the two links to buy it, it’s up to you whether you prefer Fnac or Darty, depending on where you are if you want to pick it up in Click and Collect.

Many TVs these days are 4K resolution, which improves picture quality, especially on large screens. However, many still have an older, smaller television, but it still works just as well.

On the other hand, they are often not equipped with the Smart TV function, which integrates Wi-Fi and an interface on board applications to broadcast any type of content. Google understood this very well, and launched a few years ago a mini box that can stream content from a smartphone directly to the TV, all wireless.

Simply plug the device into one of your TV’s HDMI ports, and download the Chromecast app to your smartphone. Then it’s child’s play. When the box is connected to the Internet, it’s as if you have a Smart TV and your smartphone acts as a remote control.

Besides, all this also works with a tablet or a computer, whether they are Android or iOS like the iPads.

Here is a small non-exhaustive list of compatible applications that can be projected on the TV with the Chromecast:

  • netflix
  • Youtube
  • MyChannel
  • Spotify
  • Tic
  • RMC Sport/BeIn Sports

There are more expensive versions that offer 4K, but if your screen is only Full HD, you don’t need to spend more. In all cases, you have 60 frames per second, for unfailing fluidity of the image.

Don’t worry if you find the operation a bit vague, Google is careful to take us by the hand during the process and in no time at all, you will have a Smart TV for a few tens of euros.

Buy the Google Chromecast at 34€ at Fnac

Buy Google Chromecast for €34 at Darty

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