Saint-Luc Technical Institute – Mons: a solidarity kitchen for the victims of Limbourg

“We helped each other and we made it! » , smiles Antoine. In the carpentry workshop of the Institut Saint-Luc, preparations were going well during our visit in mid-May. Gary, Dylan, Maxime, Loïc, Kyllian, Esdras, Tiziano, Andy, Antoine, Ugo, Roméo and other 7th year professional students from the carpentry and electricity sections proudly tell us about the life-size construction site that has been mobilizing them since September . These students have set up an end-of-study solidarity project: a kitchen kit, modular and made from recycled materials, for disaster victims.

Supported by their French teacher, Sylvie Cuvelier, the Mons students contacted different municipalities to offer their help. A collaboration was born with the municipality of Limbourg (near Verviers) which suffered enormous damage following the floods of July 2021. Indeed, in Limbourg and in the urban center of Dolhain, 35 to 40% of homes, schools , cultural and sports infrastructures were damaged, we explain the mayor of Limburg, Valérie Dejardin.

Therefore, a first visit to the site, in February, to meet Michel Braham, former fire chief who manages the coordination of aid for the municipality of Limbourg and the mayor, made it possible to realize the extent of the damage . And to take the measures to build the kitchen in the sports hall of the city of Limburg, the only place of life and sports gathering rehabilitated to accommodate young people and local associations after the floods. The young people and their teachers discovered, with horror, the extent of the devastation caused by the floods and the heavy consequences which are still today for the inhabitants.

A project that offers an enthusiastic solution to the ambient school gloom caused by the Covid and helps to fight against school dropout and withdrawal.

After weeks of intensive work in the workshops of the Mons school, this solidarity kitchen was unveiled on June 3 in Limbourg, in the presence of the students of Saint-Luc in Limbourg and their teachers.

Sylvie Cuvelier, Gilles Navez, workshop manager, Patrick Sciot, carpentry practical work teacher, Xavier Viseur, electricity workshop manager and David Boelen, electricity practical work teacher supported the students in their solidarity approach: “We put them in a situation like in a company, thinking about each step” explains Gilles Navez.

The initiative is innovative in more ways than one: “Our project paves the way for other partnerships of technical and vocational schools in the Liège region for on-site renovation sites. It promotes the importance of manual trades and the reconstruction of sustainable buildings, redesigned in terms of conviviality in the perspective of a world in full climatic change, emphasizes Sylvie Cuvelier. He offers an enthusiastic solution to the ambient school gloom caused by the Covid pandemic. It helps in the fight against school dropout and withdrawal.


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