Saint-Julien-Chapteuil: the Barriol gets into Mexican cuisine

After 20 years of work in the kitchen and the rooms of the Barriol, Jean-Luc Dolléans and his wife Isabelle have just sold the premises of the establishment to Karina and Dominique Godfroy.

Traditional cuisine from Velay and Mexico

The president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Haute-Loire and his wife had given themselves two years to pass on their business. The announcement published at the beginning of the year was quick to hit the bull’s eye. Dominique and Karina came to visit the following week. “It was in January, it was 4°C outside. “Not enough to cool the ardor of the couple at the controls for 4 years of a Mexican restaurant in Calvisson, in the Gard. “We visited several businesses, and the region, here, we seduced”, explains Dominique Godfroy.
The new owners of Le Barriol, run for 4 generations by the same family before being bought by the Dolléans couple, have traveled for 35 years before settling down at the foot of Chapteuil. Dominique Godfroy has been a chef for hotel chains in Cuba and Mexico. “I also had the privilege of working for King Abdullah for 5 years in Saudi Arabia. »
In the duo of new Capitolians, he is in the kitchen and she, from around Cancoun in Mexico, is introduced to reception and the hotel. The restaurant will change its name to bear that of a famous cocktail based on tequila: Las Margaritas. The traditional dishes of the two regions will share the menu. The local cuisine of Velay will be maintained, but essential Mexican dishes, chef’s specialties, such as enchiladas, fajitas and other quesadillas are now on the menu.
Isabelle and Jean-Luc Dolléans took advantage of the handover evening organized on Friday June 10 in the presence of a large number of guests to present the buyers. After a summer vacation period, the president of the CCI will resume a professional activity by offering consulting in the tourism sector.

Celine Demars


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