RTL upset by the death of a listener

On Ascension Day, just after the 7 a.m. news, Yves Calvi announced on RTL the death of “Sandrine, a very loyal listener”. The following Sunday, Éric Jean-Jean dedicated his son to him. stop or else : “I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, for loving me so much. And thank you for giving us backwe, the RTL family more generous, more open, more kind. » In her kitchen, in La Rochelle, Josyane Tedeschi was amazed: ” Usually, said this retiree, they do this for famous people, not for people like us. » Reporters, assistants and stars of the station also split a few words of tribute on social networks. Josyane Tedeschi, who keeps the screenshots, shakes her impeccable platinum square: ” It’s crazy. I didn’t know that Sandrine was friends with Laurence Boccolini. »


Sandrine, his niece, was 53 years old. And whether it’s windy or raining, she spent her days in front of the RTL premises. “The front door without Sandrine was not the front door”, summarizes the journalist Laurent Marsick. She addressed warm greetings to all the employees of the house. “ His voice heard the clouds”, poetized Laurence Boccolini on Instagram. It was a very high-pitched voice, “painful limit”translates Anne-France Lavirotte, another faithful listener. “She talks like a child”, explains Thierry Gardais. Manager and security manager at RTL, he saw Sandrine land in the public queue for Fabrice’s broadcasts in the late 1990s. “At first she must have come by chance, does he think. She noticed that people were nice, that they said hello to her, so she came back. »

But unlike other fans, she very soon stopped attending recordings. She would prefer to stay outside, listen to the live on a transistor, and distribute smiles. Never intrusive, little worn on the photos – except when its “tattoo” visited her—she had instinctively found the distance that celebrities enjoy, showing them an overflowing but not clingy love.


Sometimes she pushed on to the television studios in Bry-sur-Marne or La Plaine Saint-Denis to greet Tex or Patrick Sébastien, but she quickly returned to 22 rue Bayard, chatting with Caro, Cricri, Patrick, Monique, Muriel, Dominique, Guylaine or Marie-Pierre, all these small people of regulars who, by dint of rubbing shoulders, ended up bonding. Monday, June 13, all found themselves in the Saint-Charles-de-Monceau church, in Paris, where the funeral of Sandrine was provided. This company of fans includes a computer scientist, a hostess, a decorator, a documentalist, and quite a few people whom life has taken away from the world of work… At one time, Sandrine was employed in a school canteen but she does not couldn’t keep to the schedules, and the experience was cut short. “She was different”formulates his aunt, for lack of a more precise term to qualify his handicap.


Orphan of mother at 20, burnt with her father, Sandrine wandered from home to home before mooring at RTL. “In the early 2000s, she didn’t have a house, so she waited in the radio car park for the Samu social to offer her a roof over the night. Sometimes, when he doesn’t come by, I slip him a little ticket so that she doesn’t sleep outside.”, named Éric Jean-Jean to his listeners. Placed under curatorship, Sandrine moved into an apartment where she was able to store her treasures. In plastic bags, she amassed a whole jumble of logos: caps, bandanas, neck warmers, sweatshirts, down jackets, and all the goodies published each season by the station.

She also kept, in an old album, the portraits of her favorite animators. His ultimate favourites? “Lolo” (Laurent Boyer) and “Riri” (Éric Jean-Jean). “In a way, all these people helped him to live”, believes Josyane Tedeschi. The presence of Sandrine, in return, reassured them: their job as acrobats made sense, and RTL remained a popular radio station.


Sandrine waited impatiently for Friday: that day, she could withdraw 100 euros from her account, buy a phone card and three packs of cigarettes for the week. But she hated the weekend, because Savy was closed. Rue Bayard, this bistro faced the radio. Sandrine loved going there to warm up and lend a hand: pinching towels, rinsing carafes, sweeping the terrace.

“The first time she came, she was wearing a jacket with a Tweety on the back. Tweety from Tweety and Sylvester, you see? Since then, I called him Titi. She had her heart on her sleeve.”, testifies Alex di Folco, the former boss. When her nephew Fabrice took over the business, Sandrine remained: “She wasn’t someone we could have played Trivial Pursuit with, but she was happy to make herself useful and I kept her with us for the staff meal.” »


Sometimes you had to curb your enthusiasm. Like when she took it into her head to explain to Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi that they were still from the same family. Or when, realized for the first time of the cancer that was going to prevail, she absolutely wanted to show her intestinal pouch and her scars to her beloved animators. Or even when she had undertaken to roll up the huge carpet, three white letters on a red background, which was at the entrance to the station. As if it was rightfully his.

It was in the spring of 2018, when RTL left the eighth arrondissement of Paris for Neuilly-sur-Seine. The fans are unanimous: it was better before. In Neuilly, those who want to attend the shows must register in advance. And then, there is no Savy. So Sandrine shuttled between the two addresses, and stayed in the cocoon of the bistro until closing time.

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