Rex, the abused dog who was saved by the Strasbourg SPA, is dead

The dog Rex saved by the Strasbourg SPA is dead. (©Strasbourg SPA photo)

In January 2021, the Strasbourg SPA intervened with the help of the firefighters to take charge of RexNope 8 year old german shepherd who had always lived in conditions of abuse absolutely appalling.

After having collected him, the SPA had found him a first family in Strasbourg. Unfortunately, the bad luck had then persisted for the poor dog, since it had developed an autoimmune disease.

Screenshot of the SPA Strasbourg publication of the dog Rex.
Screenshot of the SPA Strasbourg publication of the dog Rex.

A short-lived happiness but new adoption in January 2022

Rex had therefore returned to the refuge. After several months of care and love by staff and groomers, the dog finally had found the hair of the beast and even a family ” a Philippsburg (Mosel) in a house on the edge of the forest”, as our colleagues from the DNA.

Unfortunately the disease finally caught up with him and carried him away, as confirmed by the SPA. The dog Rex died on June 21.

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