Restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors: kitchen checks – Le Journal du weekend

It is a surprise visit dreaded by some restaurateurs. Sink, cupboard, cold room… Liliane, DGCCRF inspector, checks the cleanliness of each back of the kitchen. Outside, her colleague Karine examines the menu. She notes the list of products indicated as homemade. “A homemade product must be made on site, so by the professional from raw products. As soon as we add something, a preparation that has chosen something other than salt, we are more in the – house -” , she explained. If this restaurant is in order, a few streets away, bad surprise in the kitchen of this caterer. The frying oil is too old, it should no longer be used. And in the fridge, it’s impossible to know how long the meat has been stored. Everything is put in the trash and then sprayed with bleach. This time, the manager gets away with a warning, despite a hygiene problem noted by the inspectors. For the most serious facts, the establishments are considering a fine of up to several tens of thousands of euros. Fraud crackdowns are avoided by the customers themselves sometimes. Controls are reinforced in tourist places and essential holiday products are no exception. Sanctions are rather rare. The work of the inspectors is above all to advise the restorers. On average, 25,000 checks are carried out in France each year. TF1 | Report L. Merlier, Q. Trigodet


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